Message in a Bottle: To My Missing Mother– From Tbilisi, Georgia

I received this letter to me personally from a family friend who is serving a mission with his wife in Tbilisi, Georgia:
We visited a home for mentally challenged older adult age individuals. They range from severe to some who are more normal than some folks on the street. All of which have been abandoned by their families for one reason or another, mostly due to economics. We were doing a humanitarian project for them, (distributing medical supplies) so we made a few visits in the process. On one visit an individual came up to me and asked if I could help him. He handed me a letter he had written. It was in Georgian so of course I could not read it. So I had our translator read it. I could not hold back the tears as she read the letter. (Note the reason for the red eyes in my picture.) I gave him a hug and promised I would try to do something. Can you help? — David

Our family decided to try to help. Tbilisi, Georgia doesn’t have a lot of technology, but in looking for miracles, you try whatever you can. Perhaps a posting online will, like a message in a bottle, somehow find it’s way to her– or inspire some other mother, in similar circumstances to find her child. Here is the letter he wishes to send to his mother:

To My Dear Mother,

Hello, Mother, how are you? Are you doing well? Mother, I am your son, Evgeni Abdalov. What happened? Why did you forsake me? What did I do wrong that you forsook me? Maybe you had a hard time? Maybe you were sick? If you were sick and now you are well, why haven’t you come to see me? How can I believe you don’t remember me? I can’t believe it, and you know why? Because mother will never leave her child, even if he is sick. Maybe someone had forced you to do so? Do you know that I am waiting for you to come? I’ve been waiting for you forever. Once, when I was little, parents came to one of children, he was playing with them, giving them hugs and kisses. I began to cry. I was being asked why I was crying, and I answered: I want my Mom to come. Nurses were telling me, that my Mom would come to see me, too, they were calming me down.

One week passed, then one month, but you didn’t come. I wanted to see you, I was asking myself: “What did I do wrong? Why nobody comes to me?” but I didn’t have an answer to this question neither then, nor now. And the only one person, who can answer this question is you, mother. Still, what happened? Why have you forsaken me? Didn’t it hurt your heart? Couldn’t you at least say Hello to me?

I am still waiting for you, mother. Please, show up, I need you. I don’t want to die without getting to know you. I will forgive you, just come. I am waiting for you impatiently.

With great love to you,

Your son Evgeni Abdalov. If you can hear me or read this letter, find me.

Evgeni Abdalov was born on February 20, 1983

Dusheti Home for the Disabled, Dusheti Georgia

If you have any information that could help Evgeni Abdalov find his mother, please contact me directly through the comments section. Private comments will not be published.  Thanks guys, in advance.

Where’s Beetle??

Blessings of a Varied Life

As often happens, life has caught up with me and my time is required in other pursuits.  I spent the last summer helping write a book and also grew my family by two precious daughters.  Life is good.

I have treasured my time at Beetleblogger.  I  learned and loved and gave my all to the cause of marriage through this blog for nearly two years of my life.  It was a learning experience for me to have the chance to understand the marriage debate in every facet.  I appreciate all the comments, discussions and lively debates we’ve had that helped me understand the nuances of the issue so clearly.  I hope these debates can stand as a snapshot of this time in history.  The fight for marriage is ongoing, and while I’m taking a break from blogging, I am actively helping in other parts of the fight.  See you on nomblog!

Carry on!


Take a Stand Against the Agenda: Empty the Halls on “Day of Silence”

The so called “Day of Silence” has nothing to do with education.  It is a waste of educational resources and sends the wrong message to our children.  The best way to discourage the practice of allowing these radical homosexual groups from commandeering our school systems is to vote with our feet, and take our tax dollars with us.

—Beetle Blogger

See this from CRI:

Capitol Resource Institute is encouraging families to keep students home from school on Friday, April 16, unless their schools expressly expect students to speak on that day.

April 16th is the Day of Silence, a campaign of the Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network (GLSEN), which is often used to make homosexual behavior appear normal on school campuses.

“Students should focus on academics in school. They should not be allowed to end their verbal engagement in class for a social agenda,” said Karen England, Executive Director of Capitol Resource Institute.

“We pay California teachers to teach — by speaking in classrooms — and teachers should also be expected to fully discharge their duties on all schooldays,” she said. “If a school allows teachers to stop teaching, it should not get tax dollars for educating our students on that day.”

By urging a one day absence, CRI joins more than two dozen organizations in the Day of Silence Walkout Coalition. The coalition includes organizations such as Concerned Women for America, Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays and Gays, and more. It reaches out to parents across the nation who do not want their children focusing on sexuality at school.

Classrooms and campuses should focus on academics, and any student harassment should be handled with appropriate school discipline. Yet Day of Silence is one of five GLSEN events that are designed to focus campus attention on student sexuality. These events — including No Name-Calling Week and TransAction! — take a total of 16 days.

In addition to these 16 days, California public schools regularly promote the acceptance of homosexual behavior in their school safety programs. State law equally prohibits the mistreatment of all students, whether homosexual, religious, or other students are harmed.

“Every parent, teacher, and student should oppose bullying of all kinds, but Day of Silence moves beyond simple opposition to bullying,” England said. “Day of Silence equates being anti-harassment with being in favor of homosexual behavior. That is unfair to the millions of people who are respectful and friends with homosexuals, while maintaining traditional views of male and female sexuality,” she said.

Call your school to ask whether it is permitting participating in Day of Silence. Schools do not technically sponsor this social protest, but hundreds permit or encourage it. To make sure there is no disconnect between the school office and your classroom, also contact your child’s teacher and ask whether students will be allowed to participate in the Day of Silence.

Also check whether your school has a Gay-Straight Alliance Club. If your school is among the 700 California public, private, and religious schools with a GSA, chances are high that silence will be observed by at least some people on campus.

“In every generation, parents need to teach their children about treating all people with respect, while maintaining their own convictions,” England said. “This is a great chance to do so.”

GSA Clubs


Day of Silence

Reasons for the Day of Silence Walkout

Watch the video that exposes the intolerance of those that promote the Day of Silence.

Louder than Silence

“Life: Imagine the Potential”

The third release in’s national new media campaign “Life: Imagine the Potential” series.

Government Healthcare Will Eventually ‘Control the People’

Rep. Dingell Says ObamaCare Will Eventually ‘Control the People’

From WJR’s Paul W. Smith show, a Freudian slip from Rep. John Dingell. Smith asked why we’re waiting for 2014 to cover people.  Dingell said this in his defense:

“Let me remind you this [Americans allegedly dying because of lack of universal health care] has been going on for years. We are bringing it to a halt. The harsh fact of the matter is when you’re going to pass legislation that will cover 300 [million] American people in different ways it takes a long time to do the necessary administrative steps that have to be taken to put the legislation together to control the people.”

He’s right.  This is what the Health care bill is all about.  It’s not about health.  It’s about control.  Government’s job is not to control the people, it is to LISTEN to the people, and represent them, their interests and their needs.

Interesting slip of speech isn’t it?

—Beetle Blogger

Freedom Demands Action

The Statue of Liberty: Edward Moran

“Government is not reason, it is not eloquence, it is force; like fire, a troublesome servant and a fearful master. Never for a moment should it be left to irresponsible action.” —George Washington

There are no words I can use to adequately describe my horror at the vote which transpired last night.  It was a vote which flew in the face of the expressed will of the people, and threw aside the very principles of democracy.  That vote was nothing less than a declaration of war on the freedom of the American people, and the constitution which guarantees and protects that freedom.

While I may be at a loss for words, those over at Hot Air, aren’t.  In fact, they said it so well, I cheered when I read it.  Yes!  That is it!:

“As the voters of the United States ponder what to say, it would profit us to think long and hard about the freedom Democrats are trying to take from us tonight, and what freedom demands.

Yes, it makes demands. Freedom is not a gift. It is not given to you by the government, in a precise dosage that can be adjusted to match a politician’s diagnosis of what ails the body politic. Your forefathers won an impossible Revolution against an invincible foe to declare the self-evident truth that your rights descend from your Creator. Whether that Creator is a transcendent God, or a random combination of genetic material in the primordial soup, it is a power that existed before the first king assumed his throne, or the first president was elected. Liberty burns in your imagination, flows through your veins, and rings through your words.

This radiant idea has burned through all the bloody clouds of the last three centuries: you are not clay to be sculpted by the will of another. You are not a racially inferior inconvenience, to be marched into a concentration camp. You aren’t a class enemy to be exiled by dictators. You are not a disposable cog in the machinery of collectivist economics, or a mouth to be starved by the failure of collective agriculture. You are an American, and through a dereliction of their duty as elected representatives, the Democrats have forced you to choose whether you will retain the full measure of the honor and dignity your Constitution asserts for you. “

read all of this incredible article here:

Freedom demands action.  Our nation hangs by a thread. Let’s get to work!

—Beetle Blogger

CNN, Huffington Post Urging Gang-Land Violence Against Political Foes

Who knew?  Elect a black man to the presidency of the United States and now advocating “gangsta” violence against your political foes is kosher?  I heard about this story and had to read the actual quotes for myself.

These aren’t some fringe kooks, well Huffington post maybe, but CNN?? :

“Obama’s critics keep blasting him for Chicago-style politics. So, fine. Channel your inner Al Capone and go gangsta against your foes. Let ‘em know that if they aren’t with you, they are against you, and will pay the price.”  —CNN columnist Roland Martin, “Time for Obama to go ‘gangsta’ on GOP

“You’ve given it your best shot, you’ve tried numerous times to talk with the Republicans, to negotiate, to meet them halfway on every single matter before the American people. But they hate you for many reasons. It’s time you break kneecaps (bold in original). It’s time to destroy the Republican Party. They don’t deserve a seat at the table when all they want to do is score political points by being the Party of No.”  –Huffington Post columnist David Bourgeois , “Obama Better Start Breaking Kneecaps”

…and they call the moms with strollers at tea parties the dangerous home-grown radicals?

Hat tip to

—Beetle Blogger

CNN, Huffington Post Urge Violence Against Republicans

CRI: Reinventing Education— California High School Pushes One-sided, Pro-Homosexual Bias on Kids… Again

See this from Capitol Resource Institute:

High School Welcomes Gay Speakers, but Rejects HIV-Positive Christian Speaker

A Bay Area high school that attracted controversy last year for its “Days of Diversity” program is again welcoming pro-gay speakers. But the school has rejected a request by a student Christian club to host an HIV-positive speaker whose experience with homosexuality proved to be life-threatening.

Castro Valley High School sparked controversy last year by hosting several questionable presenters, including Rev. Arlene K Nehring, a lesbian minister who talked to students in math and science classes about her gay wedding, encouraged them to “come out” to God, their families and themselves, and invited them to a gay prom at her church. Because of the religious overtones in past and pending presentations, students in the Revelation Club were surprised when the school rejected their request to host Christopher Yuan because of “separation of church and state.” Mr. Yuan is HIV-positive and had been invited by the students to speak on the topic “Christian, Gay, and Celibate.” In addition, it appears that the school has blocked links relating to Mr. Yuan, though continuing to allow access to gay websites.

Attorneys for Pacific Justice Institute sent a letter to the high school late last week, demanding that CVHS drop its illegal viewpoint discrimination.

CRI’s Karen England commented, “It is unfortunate that the school’s so-called diversity does not extend to Christians on campus. This type of favoritism in the classroom is unconstitutional and is sending the wrong message to our students.”

There has been no word whether Castro Valley High School has responded to Pacific Justice Institute’s letter and whether or not they will welcome Mr. Yuan to speak at the school after all.

The Pacific Justice Institute

Well That Explains It

Dem Congressman: “There Are No Rules Here … We Make Them Up As We Go Along”

Obama IN HIS OWN WORDS: Nationalized Health Care Will ELIMINATE Private Insurance

Obama Declares War on Capitalism and American Insurance Companies

Single payer socialized medicine.  Government-run health care— all the efficiency of the DMV, all the humanity of the IRS.  Is there even a question that the President of the United States is advocating here?

“Are we going to let the special interests win again? Or are we going to make this vote a victory for the American people?” — White House status update

I am not a special interest.  I am an American citizen who believes in democracy and free enterprise, and I am not alone.   The D.C. switchboard on Capitol Hill has been slammed past capacity for four days straight with the frantic and outraged calls of concerned Americans wanting to know why their representatives are not listening to the people.  An overwhelming majority of the American people are against this bill.  Are they special interests too?  The only special interest I have is in the personal well being of my nation, my family and my children.

Socialism is a broken system.  I do not want the health of my family dependent on a system run by the government, and neither apparently, do the rest of the American people.

—Beetle Blogger

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