On Prop 8–Who Owns the Hate?


Religious Hate Turns to Vandalism

Rage and Intolerance Against the LDS Church Continues

KFBK in Sacramento is reporting that A Mormon church in Orangevale has become the target of vandals apparently upset over the passing of Proposition 8.  At around 1:40 p.m. Friday, vandals spray painted “No on Prop 8” onto the outside of the church located at 7950 Hazel Avenue.

Vandals Target Mormon Church In Orangevale

ORANGEVALE (CBS13) ― A Mormon church in Orangevale has become the target of vandals apparently upset over the passing of Proposition 8.

At around 1:40 p.m. Friday, vandals spray painted “No on Prop 8” onto the outside of the church located at 7950 Hazel Avenue, according to LDS church officials.

The church issued the following statement in regards to the vandalism:

“It is evident that the election results for the constitutional marriage amendment will not mean an end to the debate over same-sex marriage in this state, or our country. Such an emotionally charged issue concerning the most personal and cherished aspects of life – family, identity, intimacy and equality – stirs fervent and deep feelings. We hope that now and in the future all parties involved in this issue will act in a spirit of mutual respect and civility toward those with a different position.  No one on either side of the question should be vilified or intimidated and we would ask that private property and our sacred chapels be respected.”

Rioters Graffiti LDS Temple

Prop. 8 Protesters Besiege L.A. Mormon Temple

By Kathleen Gilbert

LOS ANGELES, November 7, 2008 (LifeSiteNews.com) – Same-sex “marriage” supporters took to the streets of LA Thursday and swarmed around the gates of the Mormon Temple in Westwood, where they waved signs and shouted threats at the church establishment for its role in the success of Proposition 8, the true marriage ballot initiative.

Hundreds of protesters, bearings signs with such messages as “Don’t teach hate!” and “Mormons have 10 wives – I can’t have one?” chanted in front of the temple and scrawled graffiti on its gates.

“Tax the Mormon Church!” one protester chanted.  “How dare they legislate against love!” another shouted to an AP camera.


What the protesters do not and cannot understand is that the churches stance on this issue is unequivocal, and will never ever change. Many of the blogs are suggesting that protest, and public opinion will cause the Church to eventually lift the sanctions on homosexuality, and change Church policy. Not only is the intolerance remarkably hypocritical, but the semi-terrorist activities,  harassment, and active trespassing & vandalism revealing the true colors of the protesters.

The following information is from a letter I received.  The account was originally posted here:

Dear Friends,

It’s getting ugly in LA.  Hopefully it will die down in a few days, but for now it’s ugly.  I received the following from a good friend who just got back from the LA temple grounds:

I was there…crazy…after i asked a cop if i could take down the mean signs…and he said he wouldn’t stop me….i  went about tearing signs down off the temple fence and got harassed for it…and two people tried to grab them out of my hands …they kept blocking my path…trying to get me to stop pulling their hate posters down….one even physically put their hand on me to stop me…i finally dropped the signs and walked away….. they also put graffiti on the outside temple fence walls…they wouldn’t let people drive out of the temple parking lot….they yelled, waved signs….flipped off the temple….sat in the middle of the road and wouldn’t let cars go by…..i can’t believe this!!!  it started at 2 pm today…i didn’t get there til about 7 pm…but when i left around 11 pm… they were still going….a fight broke out between a Tongan girl and a no on prop 8 person…then the Tongan Mormons jumped in to protect her…..a girl got her nose bashed it….unfortunately i missed this part because i was running around the other side of the temple looking for my friend….after the people wouldn’t leave me alone….no worries…I’m home safe….please pray for these people..they need help! sorry for all the rambles…just a little fired up…

Please pray for the members in California, and for the temples there.  Threats are being made against both.