Boycott Utah for California’s Choice


California Prop 8 Foes Pitch Fit to Boycott Utah

The opposition to the passage of proposition 8, the marriage amendment, has focused it’s anger and frustration almost exclusively on the LDS community.  Bloggers and websites have sprung up determined to run Utah’s economy into the ground.  Now, I can’t speak for the LDS church, but regarding the effort to boycott the state, I think it’s a bunch of sour grapes.  “We lost California!  Punish Utah!”  So let’s get this straight, the voice of the people in overturned gay activists TWICE in California so now we’re going to go pummel Utah for it?   Sounds like a serious case of denial to blame their loss in California on the good citizens of Utah.  See this quote from the AP:

Utah’s growing tourism industry and the star-studded Sundance Film Festival are being targeted for a boycott by bloggers, gay-rights activists and others seeking to punish the LDS Church for its aggressive promotion of California’s ban on gay marriage.

It could be a heavy price to pay. Tourism brings in $6 billion a year to Utah, with world-class skiing, a spectacular red rock country and the film festival founded by Robert Redford, among other popular tourist draws.

“The main focus is going to be going after the Utah brand,” (D.C. blogger John Aravosis) said. “At this point, honestly, we’re going to destroy the Utah brand. It is a hate state.”

What it really boils down to is a frustration with the people of California who exercised their God given freedoms to choose their laws.   Scapegoating is a favorite past time of the frustrated, and this time it’s the LDS church that is bearing the brunt of the persecution.  Churches have always spoken out on moral issues, they have not only the right to do so, but the responsibility to do so.  Marriage is fundamentally a moral issue.

Singling the LDS church out from the rest of the coalition is just a means of intimidation in a hope that the LDS church will somehow change it’s stand on the issue of the importance of marriage.  It’ll never happen.  The violence and vandalism, the graffiti and epithets are all designed to intimidate members of the Christian community and shame them for expressing their free speech.  Persecution just reinforces the image of intolerant, in-your-face gay activists who as Mayor Newsom said so eloquently, want what they want at any cost, “whether you like it or not.”

Prop 8 won fair and square, it wasn’t the LDS church that cast all those votes, it was the people.  The people have spoken, their voices have been heard.  Time to move on.

See this story from the AP in the Deseret News:

Utah Intimidation Boycott