Warwick Marsh—Australian Hatemonger?


In the spirit of squashing free speech and truth in the aftermath of the proposition 8 battle, there comes this news from Australia: Men’s Health Ambassador, Warwick Marsh, lost his job this week after being labeled a “Hatemonger” for studying and reporting the detrimental effects of homosexuality.

From Lifesite News:

Australian Health Minister Fires Men’s Health Ambassador for Documenting Risks of Homosexuality

“Today someone who dares to speak the truth about homosexuality will lose his job. Tomorrow he will likely see prison, fines and other draconian penalties imposed.”

By Ellen M. Rice

SYDNEY, December 1, 2008 (LifeSiteNews.com) – Last week, Australian Health Minister Nicola Roxon appointed Warwick Marsh of the Fatherhood Foundation as one of six men’s health ambassadors who were charged with the task of building a federal men’s health policy, in part to address the epidemic of male suicide in Australia.  The Australian homosexualist group, Coalition for Equality, however, immediately demanded Marsh’s firing, and two days later, on November 27, he was gone.

Marsh drew fire from the Coalition for Equality largely because he was one of 34 co-authors of the Fatherhood Foundation’s document, “21 Reasons Why Gender Matters.” The Sydney Morning Herald reports that the pro-homosexual Coalition immediately urged Ms. Roxon to fire Mr. Marsh, and fellow men’s health ambassador Barry Williams, of the Lone Fathers Association, another co-author of the Gender Matters document.  Coalition for Equality Spokesman Rodney Croome said, “If the federal government is sincere about an inclusive and effective men’s health agenda it must remove these hatemongers immediately.”

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Hatemongers??  The idea that anyone who disagrees with gay rights advocates is a bigot or hatemonger has been taken in, hook, line and sinker by this government agency.

A men’s health agenda should not be blind to issues of homosexuality.  If homosexuality were truly a healthy alternative lifestyle, wouldn’t they welcome this study and others like it?  Wouldn’t they be eager to dispel ignorance once and for all and trumpet from the housetops?  What agenda are they truly pushing by ignoring the reports showing the dangers of a homosexual lifestyle?

This is something I think we will see more of as more attention is paid to the issue of lifestyle equality.  Not all lifestyles are created equal.  People, yes, choices, no.  This squashing of truth on one side of the argument shows the insecurity of those on the side of gay activism.  What are they afraid of that they have to demonize and censor all opposition to their agenda?

Any idea that has to cripple the opposing view by demonization does their movement a disservice.  The homosexual movement needs to admit that there are differing sides and let the public decide on the facts whether it’s a healthy lifestyle to embrace or not.

The fact that they’re so adamant about society only hearing one side of the story speaks volumes.

–Beetle Blogger