Marjorie Christoffersen Resigns


El Coyote Says Goodbye to a Sweet Lady

Many of my readers may remember Marjorie Christoffersen, the woman who was targeted by gay marriage activists for her $100 dollar donation.  Marjorie resigned from her position at the El Coyote Restaurant rather than bow to pressure from gay activists to renounce her faith and belief.  See part one of Marjorie’s ordeal here:  Gay Rights Vigilantes Strike El Coyote.

A friend of mine who attended Margorie’s church yesterday sent me this email just as the news of her resignation broke:

“Our family attended the Wilshire Ward this morning to witness the blessing of my new baby nephew. While in that fast and testimony meeting, we had the unique opportunity to hear the testimony of Marjorie Christoffersen (El Coyote Restaurant). She expressed gratitude for all of the members of her ward and the church, who have been supportive of her since Prop 8. She specifically stated that she was grateful for this trial and that she was doing her best to find the joy in it all. But, what struck me the most was when she said that she hopes she has not disappointed any of us (meaning the congregation and larger, the church members as a whole). I was thinking that each month we sit in testimony meetings often hearing of people whose lives have been changed and even blessed because of their trials. And that sometimes we know of the trial that member is referring, and sometimes we don’t. But it made a distinct impression on me that in her case, her trial has been so public. That she has been made a sort of “example” (for lack of a better word) of what so many of us were feeling privately. I am no scholar, but I can’t think of anyone in the recent history of our church, whose trial has been almost a modern day scripture account. By that, I mean that  by simply following the prophet, she has been publicly persecuted and no doubt has had to do an unfathomable amount of prayer, soul searching, etc .  It was an inspiring testimony and it was a joy to feel of her spirit.”

Kudos to you Marjorie for standing for something you believe in, and for not backing down.

—Beetle Blogger

Restaurant manager to leave El Coyote over Prop. 8 controversy


Frontiers magazine learned Saturday Marjorie Christoffersen is stepping down as a manager at the Los Angeles restaurant El Coyote. Bill Schoeppner, a fellow manager at El Coyote who has been with the restaurant for 26 years, told Frontiers Christoffersen was also resigning as a member of El Coyote’s board of directors.

“She no longer works here,” Schoeppner said on Saturday. “She just told me tonight.”

Christoffersen created a firestorm of controversy for the 77-year-old L.A. institution after local blogs broke the news she had donated $100 to the Yes on Proposition 8 campaign. Long a popular destination for the LGBT community for its cheap Mexican food and generous Margaritas, El Coyote found itself the target of boycotts and demonstrations after Christoffersen’s donation went public. In a press conference hosted by the restaurant days after the news of the donation broke, Christoffersen tried to explain her donation did not have to do with animus for gay and lesbian people, but was instead tied to her Mormon faith. Christoffersen did not apologize for the donation and did not indicate she would support any No on 8 organization. Boycott organizers and demonstrators were not impressed, and have argued online and in the local news media that Christoffersen’s support for the ban of same-sex marriage was reason to shun El Coyote.

Schoeppner said Christoffersen tended her resignation to her mother, Grace Salisbury, who is described on the El Coyote Web site as the “matriarch” of the restaurant. Salisbury’s sister-in-law founded El Coyote in 1931.

“Everybody is kind of used to her walking around the restaurant with a water pitcher going from table to table to table,” Schoeppner said of Christofferson. “I guess that part is no longer going to exist.”


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Twisted Scripture–Newsweek Preaches to Christians


Newsweek Sermon of the Week

In a “if you can’t beat’m join’m” approach, the would-be preachers over at Newsweek have taken the Sunday Sermon to the people in their new issue.

In a thinly veiled propaganda piece, Newsweek, the latest in a long line of same sex allies in the old media, tries to score points against marriage advocates by advocating the Bible…. sort of.   Ignoring mountains of facts decrying the myth of healthy gay marriage, they attempt to reinforce the idea that the only thing standing in the way of true love and equality is religion.

This new attack on religious Christians is a cheap appeal to the sense of goodness and fairness that Christians have for the world, and especially for those who hold different views.  Newsweek, take note:  the bible teaches tolerance, not acceptance.

Imagine the outrage if the media were to start parsing the Torah or Koran to change votes!  No, it would never happen, that’s acceptable diversity.  It’s only politically acceptable to rage from the bully pulpit at those hateful, bigoted, lousy Christians right?

Twisting scripture to fit a political agenda is nothing new, but I have to say, this is a new low for Newsweek and the mainstream media.

—Beetle Blogger

Our Mutual Joy

Opponents of gay marriage often cite Scripture. But what the Bible teaches rainbow_bibleabout love argues for the other side.”
December 15, 2008
by Lisa Miller

“….In the Old Testament, the concept of family is fundamental, but examples of what social conservatives would call “the traditional family” are scarcely to be found. Marriage was critical to the passing along of tradition and history, as well as to maintaining the Jews’ precious and fragile monotheism. But as the Barnard University Bible scholar Alan Segal puts it, the arrangement was between “one man and as many women as he could pay for.” Social conservatives point to Adam and Eve as evidence for their one man, one woman argument-in particular, this verse from Genesis: “Therefore shall a man leave his mother and father, and shall cleave unto his wife, and they shall be one flesh.” But as Segal says, if you believe that the Bible was written by men and not handed down in its leather bindings by God, then that verse was written by people for whom polygamy was the way of the world. (The fact that homosexual couples cannot procreate has also been raised as a biblical objection, for didn’t God say, “Be fruitful and multiply”? But the Bible authors could never have imagined the brave new world of international adoption and assisted reproductive technology-and besides, heterosexuals who are infertile or past the age of reproducing get married all the time.)

Ozzie and Harriet are nowhere in the New Testament either. The biblical Jesus was-in spite of recent efforts of novelists to paint him otherwise-emphatically unmarried. He preached a radical kind of family, a caring community of believers, whose bond in God superseded all blood ties. Leave your families and follow me, Jesus says in the gospels. There will be no marriage in heaven, he says in Matthew. Jesus never mentions homosexuality, but he roundly condemns divorce (leaving a loophole in some cases for the husbands of unfaithful women).

The apostle Paul echoed the Christian Lord’s lack of interest in matters of the flesh. For him, celibacy was the Christian ideal, but family stability was the best alternative. Marry if you must, he told his audiences, but do not get divorced. “To the married I give this command (not I, but the Lord): a wife must not separate from her husband.” It probably goes without saying that the phrase “gay marriage” does not appear in the Bible at all.

If the bible doesn’t give abundant examples of traditional marriage, then what are the gay-marriage opponents really exercised about? Well, homosexuality, of course-specifically sex between men. Sex between women has never, even in biblical times, raised as much ire. In its entry on “Homosexual Practices,” the Anchor Bible Dictionary notes that nowhere in the Bible do its authors refer to sex between women, “possibly because it did not result in true physical ‘union’ (by male entry).” The Bible does condemn gay male sex in a handful of passages. Twice Leviticus refers to sex between men as “an abomination” (King James version), but these are throwaway lines in a peculiar text given over to codes for living in the ancient Jewish world, a text that devotes verse after verse to treatments for leprosy, cleanliness rituals for menstruating women and the correct way to sacrifice a goat-or a lamb or a turtle dove. Most of us no longer heed Leviticus on haircuts or blood sacrifices; our modern understanding of the world has surpassed its prescriptions. Why would we regard its condemnation of homosexuality with more seriousness than we regard its advice, which is far lengthier, on the best price to pay for a slave?”

….aaand that’s about all I can take of that.  Ozzie and Harriet??  Please tell me how this tedious stretch of a lecture could have made it to the front pages of Newsweek…..I can’t bear to post the whole tome here, so if you need some more speechifying…have at it!

Newsweek’s pseudo-biblical tedium drones on unaltered here:

Think With Your Head—Vote With Your Feet

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Responsible Consumerism— Stand Up For Something.


I’m putting this thread up as a reminder and also as an idea bank for family and values friendly businesses, are there some like Leatherby’s that you support because of p8?  I recently went to Leatherby’s Sacramento.  It was awesome icecream and I was happy to see the anti-boycott going well.  The place was packed.  I spoke with one of the waitresses and she was positively emotional about the support they were getting from the community.  I love that.  I think that’s one of the beauties of the campaign, it galvanized the masses and turned us all  into activists!  Family activists!  Count me in.  —Beetle Blogger