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Proposition 8 Legal Defense Fund

From the www.protectmarriage.com website:

“…the battle is not over yet.  Within just a few hours after Prop 8 passed, the ACLU, San Francisco’s City Attorney, and the other “No on 8” opponents filed multiple lawsuits to have Prop 8 thrown out!  Once again, this shows just how determined they are to impose gay marriage on California.

That is why we established the Proposition 8 Legal Defense Fund to protect our Election Day victory against these lawsuits.

Right away our team of attorneys began the legal research and drafting needed to provide for Prop 8’s legal defense.  And after just a few days, we have already obtained three good results:

First, we filed a request with the Supreme Court to “fast-track” the lawsuits and render a final decision as soon as possible.  The reason for this was to avoid many years of litigation through the lower courts where a cloud of uncertainty would hang over Prop 8 for a long time, only to end up back in front of the Supreme Court once again.  We deserve to know the outcome of the vote on Prop 8 as soon as possible.  Thankfully, the Court granted our request and set an expedited schedule that will bring a final ruling in just a few months.

Second, we fought against the other side’s attempt to suspend Prop 8 while the lawsuits are pending, which would have allowed gay marriage to continue even after the election!  Nothing would have been more insulting to the voters than to assume the people’s vote did not count and throw out the election results before the cases are even heard!  Again, our arguments prevailed and the Court ruled in our favor so that Prop 8 remains in full force and effect while the cases are pending.

Third, since Prop 8’s Official Proponents and the “Yes on 8” campaign had been entirely excluded from these lawsuits, we had to file an extensive motion asking the Court to include us as full parties in the defense of Prop 8.  Otherwise, the entire legal defense of Prop 8 would have been entrusted only to Attorney General Jerry Brown and Governor Schwarzenegger, both of whom were ardent opponents of Prop 8!  Being official parties means having an opportunity to provide a complete legal defense for Prop 8 and argue the case directly before the Supreme Court.  Again, we achieved our goal when the Court granted us full legal status as official parties in the cases! 

As a result, the Prop 8 Legal Defense Fund’s attorneys will have an awesome responsibility.  While the state’s lawyers prepare what will likely be a lackluster defense of Prop 8 (if any), the entire burden of providing an aggressive defense of Prop 8 will fall squarely on our shoulders…”

Gay activist mob thuggery types……Please note:  

This time, our privacy will be protected.  Since this is not a political campaign, donations to the Prop 8 Legal Defense Fund are not publicly reported.  Also, donations are tax-deductible as allowed by law.

Donations can be made by securely online at www.protectmarriage.com



  1. YippeeyeO said,

    December 11, 2008 at 2:56 am

    Hooray for anonymity. It’s the only thing keeping us safe these days.

  2. wandap said,

    December 11, 2008 at 1:51 pm

    Thanks for this update, I am glad to lend my financial support.

  3. Woman on the Street said,

    December 11, 2008 at 2:21 pm

    It’s amazing the thuggery has been tolerated this long… I just have to believe that the general public is either uninformed or doesn’t care. Yay Prop 8!

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