Judge Refuses Anonymity to Prop. 8 Donors

by cliff1066

by cliff1066

A federal judge just refused to grant a preliminary injunction protecting donors to Prop 8 from harassment.

This one judge refused any kind of immediate reasonable, legal protection–not just for big donors, but for every ordinary Californian who gave even a few bucks to protect marriage.  He refused not just to protect their names, he refused to prevent the posting of their addresses on the Internet.

“…there is “systematic effort” to seek out Proposition 8 donors and harass them. ” –Ron Prentiss

All this in spite of documented evidence of property damage and threats to people’s livelihoods, even sporadic death threats–and an ongoing, organized, very open and public Internet-based campaign to target the homes and business of ordinary Californians who gave money to NOM California and Protect Marriage this fall.

Just this week, another threat was received by a fellow blogger:

“I think you SHOULD “fear retribution” if you vote to harm other families in the ways that PROP 8 does; the stupidity of it all is that NO ONE mentions the real life consequences that DO OCCUR when rights (everyone else deems essential) are NOT in place.

…THIS is reason enough to put a bullet through someone’s head……as ANY typical HET male would probably do in a heartbeat IF they had a segment of society voting AWAY rights that are civil rights. Religious institutions better stay the F*** away from us in civil law, or else some may decide that their churches need to suffer more harm if they have disposable income to spend on H8-ing MY family. Cause and Effect.

I used to be non-violent in every possible way; now that I’ve actually EXPERIENCED how marriage IN-equality can affect a life, I’m borderline homicidal. (I said borderline). But I seriously doubt I am the ONLY gay person who has been harmed by legal inequity, and am starting to want others to start TAKING RESPONSIBILITY for their actions.

Families, with and without children, SUFFER due to marriage inequality.  We have EVERY RIGHT to fight back with all our might when laws and justice itself have both LOST THEIR MINDS in U.S. Law.”

See original comment here: Religion and Morality Blog

These kinds of people should never have access to your home, your address, your vote.  As Brian Brown of NOM told Fox News yesterday:

“Americans should be free to exercise our core civil rights to speak, to vote, or to donate in support of marriage without facing organized threats of retaliation as a result. We call on leaders of the gay marriage movement to call off their dogs and stop using threats and  harassment as a political tactic. It will–and is–backfiring.” See entire story here.

It goes against the very principles of freedom for the government to subject its citizens to these kinds of reprisals for expressing their constitutionally protected freedom of speech.

—Beetle Blogger



  1. Euripides said,

    February 1, 2009 at 6:33 pm

    Wow! And to think that these types of folks are preaching the gospel of tolerance and equality and social justice. I’ll stick the the “religious nuts” thank you. They’re upset but they aren’t homo-cidal.

  2. February 2, 2009 at 5:45 am

    When you compare this to what really happened during the so-called “civil rights movement,” it all makes sense. The Marxists know how to agitate and they have their buddies in the media spin it into some sort of civil rights issue where the perpetrators are presented as the victims.

    Related article: Uncelebrate King 2009


    Some things never change. That’s why it is so important for us to know our history… and why the Marxists have fought so hard to remove true history from our schools.

  3. mommyspy said,

    February 2, 2009 at 1:26 pm

    It seems the judges in power are willing to throw away free speech to chase their own political agenda. No one is willing to address the issues of threats and harassment, not to mention the chilling effect these actions have on our future involvement in the political arena. It is clear to all of us that the intent is that we be silenced, with the blessings and approval of our governor, the majority of our state legislature, and especially a politically active judiciary. Beyond agreeing to our own silencing, what options do we have to ensure our own safety? The irony in the United States is that the attacks against us—all of the ways we are harassed and threatened—are understood to be matters of someone’s “freedom of speech,” while our objections and our outcries, are called “hate speech” and that we “deserve it”. And yet it is this “freedom of speech” of some that ultimately silences us and robs us of our own freedom of conscience and of equal opportunity to participate in the democratic process here in California.

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