Because Every Child Deserves a Mom and a Dad


I Support Marriage

Proposition 8 won in California by the same margin of victory as Barack Obama for president. Next Thursday, March 5, the California Supreme Court will hear oral arguments to determine whether the sovereign will of the people should be upheld, and whether marriage between only a man and a woman will stand.

This is the most important legal issue impacting society in a generation and will impact generations to come. The outcome of this case will affect and influence court decisions across the country.

We need to remind the media, Californians and Americans everywhere that support for traditional marriage that has now been twice proven by the majority of Californians.  Prop 8 is a fair and equal law for all and deserves our continued support!

1. Proposition 8 was supported by over 7 million voters, and we call on those who support traditional marriage to pray for it to be upheld. Please ask God for wisdom for the Justices of the California Supreme Court.

2. Pray for those who oppose this amendment to our Constitution, that they would understand our motivation is to affirm traditional marriage, not to offend any person or group.

3. Educate yourself about the issue.
Prop 8| Revision v. Amendment:


If you can go to the courthouse in San Francisco:
1. All messages on homemade signs should affirm traditional marriage, and avoid offensive statements regarding alternative lifestyles.

2. Arrive at the courthouse by 8am

3. Avoid violence and provocation. Our purpose is affirming traditional marriage.

Talking Points:

“Prop 8 Revises, Rather than Amends, the Constitution?”

• A revision requires a “substantial change” to the “underlying principles” of the entire constitution. Applying the historic definition for marriage to all citizens equally constitutes a valid amendment. Article 2, Section 8 of the state Constitution clearly sets forth the initiative process as a valid means of amending the Constitution. Codifying the definition of marriage via Proposition 8 was a proper amendment to the state Constitution.

“Undermines Equal Protection?”

• Equal Protection under the Constitution requires laws be applied regardless of an individual’s characteristics or situation, just as justice is administered blindly. Proposition 8’s amendment applies the definition of marriage equally, to heterosexuals, homosexuals, bisexuals and all legal adults. Proposition 8 is actually the perfect example of a law that applies equally to all citizens.

“Eliminates Fundamental Rights?”

• Proposition 8 does not eliminate a fundamental right for only minority groups. It places the restrictions of marriage on all citizens equally. Just as same-sex individuals may not marry, so heterosexuals may not engage in polygamous relationships. There is also no fundamental right to marriage. That “right” was created by the California Supreme Court when it overturned Proposition 22.

“Violates Separation of Powers Doctrine?”

• Proposition 8 and the initiative process do not “strip the courts” of their constitutional function. In fact, Proposition 8 was a direct response to the California Supreme Court’s violation of the separation of powers doctrine. By striking down a law passed via the constitutional initiative process, the Court overstepped its authority and usurped the powers of the legislative branch and the constitutional initiative process.


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