Proposition 8 Hearings LIVE

Prop 8 Hearings—Watch the future of your vote live!

Watch the proposition 8 hearing live here!

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Opposition arguments went weakly.  The justices asked questions dominated by Justice Kennard who seems to be leaning toward preserving the right of the people to decide how they will be ruled.  The opposition took two hours, the hearing will be extended until 1pm.

Ken Starr up now!  “If the court disregards the power of the people to choose their laws, it would be a revolution!”  Our argument comes down to power of people, if people are fully informed in their vote, vote should be upheld, even if the government thinks it’s unwise.

On the validity of the 18000 marriages performed in the 4 months:

Judges: We said they could get married, they believed us and acted in good faith, wouldn’t it be unfair to then yank that away?

Starr: Prop 8 was a check on the power of the judiciary.  The prop 8 draftsmen intended the law to continue the definition of marriage unbroken from the beginning.  Everyone knew that the 18000 marriages could be invalid, including the people entering into the marriages.

Opening Statements are now concluded, Starr hit home runs!  Earned respect of the court.

Rebuttals Begin… I just can’t say enough how the opposition shot themselves in the foot with their choice of lawyers.  It’s an emotional argument they have, but they were tripping all over themselves.  Jerry Brown’s arguments were particularly poor.

For a recap of Ken Starr’s points see this post at Opine:

My Take:

Our side did a great job!  Jerry Brown should never show his face in public again, his counsel was the biggest logic fail I’ve ever experienced in a courtroom.  The opposition’s position was best characterized and delivered by Stewart, who although articulate seemed very emotionally involved in the subject, her anger during the hearing was only thinly veiled.  I don’t think that came across well.

Now, the wait.  It could take weeks for the judges to review the arguments and come to a decision.  My gut says we won hands down.  Justice Kennard voted to overturn prop 22 but she seems to have flipped.  Very good.

—Beetle Blogger

See my full write-up here

Prop 8 Oral Arguments: Reactions



  1. holly said,

    March 5, 2009 at 7:05 pm

    Thanks for your take here and on twitter. I saw probably 3/4 of Starr’s arguments and the rebuttals after that, but missed everything before that. I’m assuming this will be archived at some point at I’ll have to watch the whole thing.

  2. beetlebabee said,

    March 5, 2009 at 7:56 pm

    Yes, I’m sure it will be archived on, it was worth watching. Justice Kennard really hit it out of the park on a few of those statements she made, and Ken Starr is a rock star. He was awesome. Cool, collected, and able to go tit for tat on every question. We owe the day to an honest argument brilliantly articulated.

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