Vermont Senate Votes for Gay Marriage

Sands of Time

Vermont Senate Votes for Gay Marriage Bill

Just in from the Vermont Senate: The Senate voted for gay marriage, 26-4. The House vote will be later this week…it’s going to be closer, but how close is key.

“Next, it goes to a House committee, and then the full House, which also has a Democratic majority and is likely to pass the bill. The governor, Republican Jim Douglas, has said he’s against gay marriage – but hasn’t signaled whether he’d sign or veto the bill.” —

If Vermont lawmakers approve same-sex marriage, the state will be the first in the country to legalize gay nuptials through legislative means and not through litigation in court.  The people of Vermont have a small say in what their legislators do, make your voice heard!  Now is your chance Vermont!

It’s not too late.  Keep the pressure up!
—Beetle Blogger

Hear the proceedings in the VT Senate on Vermont Public Radio


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