Consequences of Freedom of Speech on Religion


Post Show Thoughts on Freedom of Speech

Today on “Voice of the Nation”, we had Brian Brown from NOM on the show.  That guy is a firehose!  I have to say it never ceases to amaze me that after six months of beetle blogging, there are STILL things I have not heard of or considered regarding the fight for marriage.

Here’s what got me thinking today.  I of course, listen to the show after it’s over to take note of how this or that went, make mental notes of what to try next time etc.  Well today it took me three times through the show….Mr. Beetle came home and wanted to hear it also, so I actually heard the show at total of three times and finally, the third time through I had to actually stop the audio and bounce what I’d heard off Mr. Beetle because frankly it hit me like a ton of bricks.

Here’s what it was:  In San Francisco about a month, perhaps two months ago, they released a study that showed that no politician who voted for gay marriage ever lost his position as an elected representative of the people, in fact, not only was that the case, but often the politician’s electability actually INCREASED.  Now, at the time, this was big news to me.  How could the good people of my state and others continue time and again to elect people who kept their own agenda and not the people’s while in office when it came to family values issues?

Well, this is where the ton of bricks hit.  I had made a comment on the show about the gracious nature of family oriented people,  somehow good Christian, religious folk just didn’t have it in their hearts to hold people down to a standard.  Too much “turn the other cheek” to be effective legislative watchdogs.  Well, yeah, maybe there’s that, maybe it’s apathy, or maybe it’s that we’re busy toting kids to soccer practice instead of watching to make sure our families are safe from government— but Brian Brown took a different angle and he took his time getting there but when he did, it really hit home.  It was intimidation.  Our people are being intimidated into not saying anything.  The silent majority is silent because of brute intimidation.  Here’s how it plays out:

The groups that care about family values are churches, naturally.  Churches, church affiliated groups, those are the core groups that fight for and pass legislation in favor of families and values.  BUT when it comes to politicians, there is a limitation for these religious nonprofits.  They cannot point the finger and say, This man did not hold up to what he said he would, he ought to be thrown out!  Because!  If they did, they would be crossing the line with the IRS and they would lose their tax exempt status.

One entire section of the population is completely muzzled by the threat of suffering punitive monetary damages if they speak.  These are the most organized on our side.  The ones who have the most at stake in the moral arena.

Curtailing the free speech of religious institutions is an outrage.  What is the reason?  Separation of Church and State?  No way.  If anything, controlling with threats of exorbitant fines is no less interference than if POTUS was crowned by the Pope himself.

If you limit the religious voice in the political arena, the natural consequence is for morality to suffer and secularism to flourish.

How is it that we’ve allowed our government to muzzle our churches?

—Beetle Blogger

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  1. Euripides said,

    April 3, 2009 at 1:31 pm

    This is precisely the reason I got fed up with the pro-gay community and their attempts to foist same sex marriage on the rest of the country. They started attacking religion and churches. They are trying to intimidate and legislate away any views that are even remotely religious. So now, I devote a lot of time and effort to promote religions and marriage. They started it, but I and my friends will finish it.

  2. April 3, 2009 at 1:40 pm

    Wow – great post. It’s so dead on! The people I’ve seen pushing hardest for gay marriage aren’t really fighting just for the term “marriage” – they’re lashing out against Christianity and religion because it somehow oppresses them by labeling their actions as sinful and unnatural. I’ve gone round and round with an atheist high school friend on this via Facebook – somehow any conversation on the marriage topic turns into an attack against the “brainwashing” effects of religion. Honestly, I’d much prefer to live and let live – but like Euripides said, they picked the fight, and I will stand up for what I believe, come hell or high water.

    People poo-poo faith so much that we, the believers, are silenced. Our faith-based beliefs are disregarded immediately simply because they involve God. I’ve never quite understood what’s so wrong with that. My belief in God makes me a better person, not a worse one. I might believe that people’s actions are sins, but guess what? We’re all sinners. All fall short of God’s glory, hence the need for a Savior. And I definitely don’t look down upon others who don’t share my beliefs. They’re God’s children, regardless of whether or not they recognize it, and as such, they merit love and respect, whether or not I agree. But that courtesy doesn’t run both ways, unfortunately.

  3. April 3, 2009 at 2:29 pm

    […] Consequences of Freedom of Speech on Religion […]

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