Iowa & Vermont| The Truth Remains: Marriage is Between a Man and a Woman.



Digital Network Army Images Spark Discussion on Facebook

The other night, I was checking out facebook groups to see what people were saying about the Iowa decision. I came across a comment that I couldn’t resist. I’ll post that conversation later. I was chatting with Liberty Belle about the conversation, she checked it out, and while she was at it…she posted some of the DNA graphics from the recent contest.

The conversations following are great. The Yin-Yang conversation is interesting because it reveals a lot of ignorance about what the symbol actually means…but also it’s interesting because it disturbs the members of the group. All it says is “Marriage: It’s that simple.” It’s not even specific about traditional marriage, but the image representing opposites combined: offends. Which is exactly why marriage should not be neutered. Society/humanity needs the combination of both genders for survival in many ways: psychological (for continued understanding and empathy) and physical (for reproduction).

Click on the graphic and it will take you to the discussion. It’s great fun to watch how Liberty navigates the issues. She’s delightful!




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