Marriage Laws and Religious Liberty

Iowa Alert on HJR6

April 8, 2009

Dear Friend,
Following the Iowa Supreme Court’s unanimous ruling Friday that overturned state law protecting marriage as between a man and a woman, organizations across the country are urging ALL citizens to contact Iowa lawmakers. The Iowa House DOES have the ability to protect marriage by passing House Joint Resolution 6 (HJR 6), known as the Iowa Marriage Amendment.
HJR 6 is the first step toward giving Iowans the chance to vote to protect marriage, in response to the Supreme Court’s same-sex marriage ruling.
In order to debate HJR 6, the House must force it out of committee with a procedural vote. The House Republicans are prepared to initiate this procedural vote, but to pass it they need your help!

Take Action
Please contact the House Democrats listed below, and ask them to vote to bring HJR 6 out of committee. These legislators have indicated they support traditional marriage and therefore, they SHOULD vote to bring the IMA out of committee.

Rep. Brian Quirk – , 515.242.6436
Rep. Mike Reasoner – , 515.281.3238
Rep. Kurt Swaim – , 515.242.6417
Rep. Larry Marek – , 515.242.6442
Rep. Kerry Burt – , 515.281.7342
Rep. Wayne Ford – , 515.281.4061
Rep. Nathan Reichert – , 515.281.7332
Rep. Paul Shomshor – , 515.281.7325
Rep. Phyllis Thede – , 515.281.7336

Ron Prentice
Chairman – Yes on 8