The Descent of Dissent–Demanding Homogeneity Amongst Diversity

wwf_perez_hilton_bodyslamPhoto by greggoconnell

The Perez Hilton Diatribe as a Broader Dissent Strategy

To sum up the last few days of the Perez Hilton/Carrie Prejean same-sex marriage episode is to sum up the entire tone of the “debate” on same sex marriage since before the APA was overrun with political activism in the 1970’s.

I believe (heartfelt personal conviction).

Oh yeah?  Well you’re just a (personal attack, personal attack) and a no good (personal attack).

If you can’t debate them, decimate them, right?  And so we see the popular blood letting that whips up emotion and demagogues the opposition rather than engages in thoughtful, respectful debate.

Do you have to agree in order to be polite?  Carrie Prejean didn’t, and yet she, on a short moment’s notice came up with a simple, yet infinitely more intellectual response than Hilton’s, and clearly stated, there was no offense intended.  As for Hilton?  Offense most certainly intended.  Hilton’s body slam opinions on Prejean’s personal character or attributes have nothing to do with the subject, yet in the World Wrestling Federation type Oprah analysis, he came off at least equal in all too many minds.perez_hilton_homogenization_strategy

And the vindictive crowd goes wild!  Another emotional blood letting, another emotional victory.  And without wasting a single needless neuron.

At the heart of this spectacle is the idea that dissent is not allowed.  If you don’t agree, no holds will be barred in your public destruction.  Ring any bells with the tea party “terrorist” categorizations made earlier last week?

Who is it that decides that all choices are equal?  all cultures are equal?  all religions are equal, all sexuality is equal?

Isn’t that what it boils down to?  Equality for everyone!  There is no wrong, no right, there is no good, no bad, only equality.  If you’re against equality, you’re (personal attack, personal attack) and a no good (personal attack).

Interesting isn’t it?  No one is allowed to question, no one is allowed any degree of dissent, or they risk falling under the homogenization machine which demands total equality, regardless of the worth of those decisions.

Everything is about equality, except, of course, unless you are talking about people.  That’s the dirty little trick in all of this.  People are not allowed to be equal, because with direct personal warfare and personal attacks, the strategy is, agree with me, or you may be worth less as a person.  Personal worth is the first casualty and what is at stake in this mode of thinking.

Are you afraid of others who may denigrate your personal worth?  People like Perez Hilton are counting on it.  They’d love it if we could be cowed into forgetting the fact that Carrie Prejean is as valuable as Perez Hilton, regardless of their opinions.

People are equal, choices aren’t.

Any child can tell you, that there are consequences to choices.  Some are better than others.  That’s a fact of life.  How did that get lost in the search for “equality”?

—Beetle Blogger