Girls in Boys’ Locker Rooms? Yes By Law!


Photo by Jenny Downing

Gender Agenda Moves Forward

A young man in a northern CA district is suing because a girl was in his locker room while he changed. Whose harassing whom? The following excerpt is from a website for the San Francisco School District.

How are schools expected to implement the SFUSD Board Policy which Prohibits Gender-Based Harassment?

* Names/Pronouns
Students shall have the right to be addressed by a name and pronoun corresponding to their gender identity that is exclusively and consistently asserted at school.
* Official Records
The District shall change a student’s official records to reflect a change in legal name or gender upon receipt of documentation that such legal name and/or gender have been changed pursuant to California legal requirements.
* Restroom Accessibility
Students shall have access to the restroom that corresponds to their gender identity exclusively and consistently at school.
* Locker Room Accessibility
Transgender students shall not be forced to use the locker room corresponding to their gender assigned at birth.
* Sports and Gym Class
Transgender students shall not be denied the opportunity to participate in sports and gym.
* Dress Codes
Students shall have the right to dress in accordance with their gender identity that is exclusively and consistently asserted at school, within the constraints of the dress codes adopted at their school site.
* Gender Segregation in Other Areas
As a general rule, in any other circumstances where students are separated by gender in school activities, students shall be permitted to participate in accordance with their gender identity exclusively and consistently asserted at school.

Read SFUSD advise on AB 537

This school policy reads like something eerie out of a sci-fi novel.  I read a quote by Joseph Stalin recently that touched on public education.  It said:

‘Education is a weapon whose effects depend on who holds it in his hands and at whom it is aimed.’ —Joseph Stalin

Those with an agenda are using our schools to push social change.  It isn’t the time or the place, yet there it is.  We’ve got to be aware that this does happen, and can happen in our local schools.  It’s not just San Francisco anymore.

—Beetle Blogger



  1. Chairm said,

    April 29, 2009 at 2:18 pm

    Remember that ole Johnnie Cash novelty song, A Boy Named Sue?

    What is “gender identity” and how does it influence “sexual orientation”?

    Right, the public schools will never, ever, have to teach children about this stuff. Not even if “gay marriage” is merged with marriage by Government imposition.


  2. beetlebabee said,

    April 29, 2009 at 2:51 pm

    As Euripides says—There is no gay agenda…there is no gay agenda….there is no gay ag….

  3. Euripides said,

    April 29, 2009 at 4:42 pm

    Thanks bb for that. Just having you remember that made my day. I’m not one to be an alarmist but I find this particular story fairly alarming. Do we know if the girl was supposedly transgendered?

    I remember when I worked at UCLA, my first introduction to the major problems of gender identity and gender switching was a person named Alex. She was born a woman but had surgically changed her sex to be a man so “he” could have homosexual sex with other men.

    How messed up is that?

  4. robin johnson said,

    January 13, 2010 at 11:21 am

    .People make issues of issues when there is no issues. Body part are just body parts. There nothing wrong with girls or boys share a locker room which involve nudity, showing, changing clothes, etc, etc.

    They can do this as long there is respect for each other. Women love to make issues of issues which are not issues. For what reason we will never know the truth of women sexually but she has a sexually mind about everything that goes on.

    In i was in the 6 grade at a middle school, we girls use the only locker room in the school. It was for boys and girls. The locker room has two to two class of boys and girls at the same time. There be 40 boys and 40 girls who were tital naked in front of each other as we undress and dress. We share the shower room, the toilet and urinal area.

    We girls saw what boys have and boys saw what we have, it was no big deal. We wash our bodies infront of each other.

    So you adult female, do me a favor and get help with your pervert sexually minds. Jesus love you and he can clean your mind with good throughs

    Robin ,

  5. beetlebabee said,

    January 13, 2010 at 11:31 am

    Robin, I’m not sure what school you went to, but this was certainly not my experience. I do not think it is a healthy one either btw. Having a healthy respect for other people’s bodies can best be encouraged by a respectful partition between locker rooms.

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