More Legislative Corruption: New Hampshire Removes Senator From HB73 Committee for refusing to Support Gay Marriage Bill

traditional marriage

Replaced with a Senator who Voted by Phone

Today, the committee of conference on the gay marriage amendment, HB73, met to "negotiate".

Senator Roberge offered 2 reasonable amendments:

  • allowing for "freedom of religious conscience" for private individuals and businesses
  • allowing a non-binding referendum on this issue for the citizens to vote on.

No one on the committee would even second the Senator’s motions!

Instead, the conference committee offered MINOR changes to the amendment that failed in the House and voted 6-1 to accept the changes (Senator Roberge was the one dissenting vote).

Because a committee of conference vote needs to be UNANIMOUS in order for it to be brought before the House and Senate again, the Senate President Slyvia Larson then REMOVED Senator Roberge from the committee and REPLACED her with Senator Houde, who "dialed in" his vote FOR the report.

Senator Houde was not even present!

No matter where you live, call Senator Larson at 603- 225-6130 and respectfully tell her that NH citizens do not want gay marriage being rammed through by a circumvention of the process. Enough is enough!

Now HB73 goes back to the full house and senate for a vote stay tuned.


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Californians Will Have Their Say On Supreme Court Justices Who Constitutionally Stray


Automatic Recall of California Justices?

I learned an interesting thing this morning.  Judicial appointments in California are confirmed by the public at the next general election; justices also come before voters at the end of their 12-year terms.  Who is coming up for the end of their 12 year term this time around??

Three California Supreme Court justices will be up for reelection to 12-year terms on the November 2010 ballot:

1. Ron George — led court to invent homosexual “marriage” last year

2. Ming Chin — voted to uphold Prop. 22 last year

3. Carlos Moreno — voted to invent homosexual “marriages” last year

Carlos Moreno was the lone dissenting vote on upholding Proposition 8.  The amount of stretching and wheedling that had to be done in order to muscle his will into the state constitution automatically discredits him and disbars him in my mind.  There is no way he should ever sit as a judge over this state with that kind of willingness to overlook the basic rights of the people.

Ron George is hardly better.

There are some days when I am so glad to be a Californian.  When I look at these other states so helpless against their legislatures and judiciaries…It’s unfathomable the amount of work they have to put out to reorganize a corrupt system.  The California Constitution gives the people power.

That’s something to be grateful for.

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CRI: Is “Multisexual” Indoctrination Coming to Your School? Find Out!


Safe School Coalition Photo: by faeryboots

Safe School Coalition?

Multisexual indoctrination is spreading in California schools and elsewhere.  This is quickly becoming a national issue.  Find out about the issues, make sure your kids are protected.  Social activists wishing to make political statements have no business in our schools.

Take a stand.  Be informed.

—Beetle Blogger

Parents: How to Look for Homosexual Instruction in Your School

Families from several California school districts recently contacted Capitol Resource Institute, to say that their schools are implementing curriculum and assemblies that promote homosexuality.

“Alameda Unified had gotten a lot of the attention on this issue recently, but parents need to be looking out for it everywhere in California,” said Karen England, Executive Director of Capitol Resource Institute.

Whatever the district, the attitudes behind homosexual curriculum appear similar statewide, as are the special interest groups promoting it. Ron Mooney, Alameda Board of Education Vice President, voiced that attitude clearly when he spoke at last Tuesday night’s board meeting.

“You can have the wrong beliefs, but that’s something that should be taught at home,” he said.

In other words, Mooney told dissenting parents that only approval of multisexual behavior should be taught in school. Their beliefs would be countered in class. During the same meeting, Mooney and other board members successfully opposed an opt-out provision.

This anti-parent attitude is recurrent among those who promote homosexuality in education, though as one woman reminded Mooney, “Religion is another protected group.”

There are two key ways that families and communities can watch for the promotion of homosexuality, bisexuality, and transsexuality in California public schools.

First, this instruction is often implemented under the guise of combating bullying, harassment, and name calling. Watch for programs like “safe schools” or “(your district) cares.”

They often fail to distinguish between mistreatment and disagreement. Students may be expected to support homosexual and transgender behaviors, without regard for religious or personal convictions.

Second, it helps to be aware that multisexuality is promoted in a variety of formats. In response to recent CRI emails, California parents have shared stories about curriculum and school assemblies.

One teacher said she is expressly barred from telling some parents that their children have a different gender identity at school. In this context, parents must actively seek information.

Parents with traditional values have become the enemy, in the view of many public school employees, but parents banding together are making an impression in places like Alameda.

Please contact Institute if you find that homosexual behaviors — or gender changes — are actively promoted in your school. Knowing what happens across the state is a great help, as we work to defend family values in the Golden State.

California School District to Teach Elementary Kids about Homosexuality

Compulsory LGBT curriculum pushes ‘political agenda’ on schoolkids, California parents charge


It’s Elementary: Talking About Gay Issues In School part 1

It’s Elementary: Talking About Gay Issues In School part 2

It’s Elementary: Talking About Gay Issues In School part 3

It’s Elementary: Talking About Gay Issues In School part 4

Louder than Silence


Parents Excluded from Multisexual Issues in Schools

Transgender Policies: Boys Will Be Girls

Can Parents Opt-Out Their Children?

Readings Teach Students to Embrace Same-Sex Marriage

CRI: Parents Beware! GLSEN Founder to be National Supervisor for “Safe Schools”


“The secret of life is honesty and fair dealing. If you can fake that, you’ve got it made.”  —Groucho Marx

GLSEN Founder, Kevin Jennings has been asked to be the National Supervisor charged with overseeing “Safe Schools”.

In his own words, activist Kevin Jennings, director of the Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) describes how immorality got a foothold in the Massachusetts schools by using “safety” as an issue.”

“We immediately seized upon the opponent’s calling card — safety — and explained how homophobia represents a threats to students’ safety by creating a climate where violence, name-calling, health problems, and suicide are common. Tilting our report, ‘Making Schools Safe for Gay and Lesbian Youth,’ we automatically threw our opponents onto the defensive and stole their best line of attack. This….short-circuited their arguments and left them back-peddling from day one.”

Parents beware!  The wolf is at the door.
—Beetle Blogger

GLSEN Founder to Oversee “Safe Schools” Nationwide

Much has been made of the new Supreme Court nominee, but just as concerning is what flies under the radar.

In an announcement on Tuesday, Federal Secretary of State Arne Duncan made his choice for Assistant Deputy Secretary in the Office of Safe and Drug Free Schools.

He chose Kevin Jennings, a leading advocate for homosexuality, bisexuality, and transsexuality in schools. Jennings is founder and former Executive Director of the Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network (GLSEN).

“This man’s work and his agenda are exactly why we’ve seen the radical pro-homosexuality curriculum pushed across California. He is now more strongly positioned to implement his agenda nationwide,” said Karen England, Executive Director of Capitol Resource Institute.

Jennings has been at the forefront of homosexual activism in public schools since the late 1980s, when as a high school history teacher, he was the faculty advisor to America’s first Gay-Straight Alliance club in Massachusetts.

It was in Massachusetts that he helped author Making Schools Safe for Gay & Lesbian Youth, a report whose recommendations the State Board of Education adopted as policy.

Among his recent accomplishments, Jennings co-chaired Obama for America’s LGBT Finance Committee.

As Californians know by experience, what GLSEN promotes as “school safety” usually means that every schoolchild will embrace the homosexual lifestyle or else be labeled a bigot.

This philosophy, spread across the nation by federal authority, do not promote safety for every child.

In practice, as parents in California’s Alameda Unified School District experienced this week, this philosophy means that race and religion can become less protected categories in school.

“In the last two weeks, I’ve heard from parents coast to coast who are concerned about instruction that promotes homosexuality in their children’s schools,” England said.

“The decision to appoint Jennings to the Office of Safe and Drug Free Schools should concern every parent, everywhere, because his social bias is abundantly clear,” she said.

GLSEN website

Voice of the Nation: Open Discussion Night


Voice of the Nation

Family Values Blog Talk Radio

This Thursday Live at 9pm PST

On Thursday: Voice of the Nation hosts open discussion night!  Join Angela and Onlawn of Opine Editorials for an open discussion night tonight at 9pm PST.  All viewpoints welcome!

Call in or join the conversation by chat!  We’ll be covering the Alameda School District’s decision to force multisexual curriculum on elementary school students, the California Supreme Court’s decision on Proposition 8 and the 18,000 neutered marriages the court still insists on calling “marriages”.

We’ll also be continuing our discussion on surviving and winning online discussions with those who oppose marriage.  Can the vitriol be won? How to survive and win the internet flame wars with love!


Call in to VOICE OF THE NATION this Thursday at 9pm PST.  The call-in number is

347- 215-6801

CRI: California School Board Forces Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Curriculum on Elementary school Children


Photo by jglsongs

CA Schools Force “Multisexual” Indoctrination

Multisexual curriculum has no place in the public schools.  Alameda School District made a big show of listening to parents the last few weeks in highly publicized board meetings….but then proceeded to ignore their concerns and requests, instituting the controversial curriculum without the possibility of opting out.

The hearings were a sham, a paltry effort at putting the face of democracy on the socialist march toward new morality in our schools.  Why did they bother to hold meetings to listen if they refuse to hear?

Alameda’s message to parents: Multisexual curriculum is coming to your school…. “Whether you like it or not.”

—Beetle Blogger


Yesterday evening the Alameda Unified School District voted 3-2 to approve the highly controversial curriculum that promotes multisexual lifestyles. Despite several prior meetings during which hundreds of parents expressed their outrage at such an imposition of controversial sexual content in the classroom, board members decided elementary school children should learn vocabulary words such as “lesbian” and “transgender.”

During the final meeting considering adoption of the curriculum, each side of the issue was given 15 minutes to outline their support or opposition. Three parents of Alameda students rose to express their opposition, articulately conveying the community-wide resistance to introducing a social agenda into their classrooms. Each parent detailed instances where their children were bullied or harassed for their race or religion without any help from the school board to stop the harassment.

The Alameda controversy has now become a national issue, symbolizing the fight between elitist school boards and parents asserting their rights. The media were a heavy presence at the meeting, including Fox News Channel’s Griff Jenkins, who covered the story for the national network.

In response to the revelation that the “anti-bullying” curriculum never actually addresses bullying, the school board announced the curriculum had been amended to include teaching on bullying by adding the word to the vocabulary list. They promised additional changes but, no parent was allowed to see the changes prior to the board’s vote that evening.

During the meeting, one school board member who voted against the curriculum inquired when the term “heterosexual” was introduced in school vocabulary and was told fifth grade, when parental notification and opt-out provision are mandatory. However, the term “homosexual” is introduced in fourth grade, and there will be no parental notification or opt-out provision. When asked about heterosexual family portrayals in school curriculum, the board was told students study the Donner Family. Those who were actually educated in their schools will remember the Donner Family is notorious for engaging in cannibalism when stranded on their pioneer journey to California in the 1800’s.

While parents have been highly suspect of the curriculum’s true agenda all along, it was revealed during the meeting that a lesbian teacher was pushing the curriculum because of the negative response she received from a “homophobic” parent who objected to the teacher “coming out” to her fifth grade class several years ago. She discovered that inserting the LGBT curriculum into the “Caring Schools” would be the best place for the controversial curriculum.

At one point during the meeting, the school board president admitted receiving more emails and letters in opposition of the curriculum than in support.  At the numerous board meetings those in attendance regarding the curriculum were overwhelmingly in opposition. That is noteworthy considering many Alameda parents are still learning about the curriculum.

“It’s impossible to understand how these three school board members can sit there and listen to this compelling testimony from concerned parents and still put their radical agenda ahead of the good of their school district,” stated Karen England, who attended the meeting. “They can see first-hand this is dividing their community and yet they bow to the special interests groups who are pushing an indoctrination program at the expense of true education.”

In fact, proponents of the curriculum are so dedicated to indoctrinating their young pupils that they refuse to include an opt-out provision for parents.

Disturbingly, when asked what protections would be afforded students with religious objections to the curriculum, school board member Mooney stated that they can object, but only at home. He arrogantly asserted that he “sees nothing wrong with homosexuality,” thus implying that those who disagree should keep their bigotry out of his school district.

“Mr. Mooney’s comment proves beyond a doubt that this is an agenda,” commented England. “Parental rights aren’t even a concern for these arrogant board members who act as though they are unelected, and unaccountable to Alameda residents. The message they unequivocally send to parents is that they believe parents are bigots and their bigoted children need to be reconditioned at school.”

It’s significant that during their testimony in support of the curriculum, some proponents of the LGBT curriculum referred to opposition as “bigoted” and “homophobic,” thus engaging in the very name calling they claim to want to end in our schools. One speaker opposed a parental opt-out because “You shouldn’t be allowed to opt-out because of bigotry.”

“The hypocrisy is astounding,” commented England. “Parents are being bullied into silence on this issue. In fact, opposition petitions delivered to the school board were asked to be returned at the end of the meeting for fear the names on the list would be published and the signers harassed. Even during the meeting, parents were made to feel that they were the outsiders, who have no say in the direction of their children’s education. We are committed to assisting these parents in taking back control of their schools.”

Parents are now planning to recall the board members who have chosen to side with radical social engineers over their constituents.

Watch Alameda parents testify against the LGBT curriculum:

Parent #1

Parent #2

Parent #3

Read, Gay Curriculum Proposal Riles Elementary School Parents

Proposed Curriculum

The Truth About the Law


Please donate to CRI as we continue to stand for traditional values!

Outrageous Proposition 8 “Legal Analyst” Bob Massi Spouts Disinformation and Propaganda

Photo: Bob Massi

Dear FOX,

Is Bob Massi a Fox News Legal Analyst???  What kind of commentary is this?  With months of preparation wasted, FOX News’ Bob Massey, on live television mangled easily obtained facts and instead spouted gay activist propaganda:

“this movement, prop 8 was very much funded , millions of dollars, much by the Mormon Church as you know, they spent, they were organized, they went out .. what’s going to happen now? The bottom line is they lost….

There is a lot to be learned by this….  they got out charged, money wise.   They got out organized.  You and I have covered these kind of cases… its all about money.  If you have the amount of money to go out and try to raise the kind of support you want, and to pay the people and the volunteers to get out there, those are the ones that usually win.”

—Bob Massi, Fox News Legal Analyst

Would you like a point by point rebuttal of this awful “legal” analyzing?  I’m just a regular Joe and even I know the true facts about the Proposition 8 campaign.  Send me a check!  I know more than your “Legal Analyst” does!

The Mormon Church gave no money.  They only gave in-kind donations amounting to an insignificant fraction of the donations recieved in the Proposition 8 fight.  As a prop 8 supporter I can tell you that I was not paid, and neither were any of the thousands of volunteers who worked tirelessly for marriage. We worked for Proposition 8 because it was right, not for money.

Proposition 8 supporters were out fundraised and outspent by far, not the other way around.

Fire the “Legal Analyst”.

—Beetle Blogger

California Supreme Court: Proposition 8 Upheld

Gay Marriage

In a huge victory for the supporters of marriage and the voters of California, Proposition 8 has been upheld by the California Supreme Court 6-1.

The people have spoken, and the courts affirm:  Marriage in California remains between a man and a woman.

—Beetle Blogger

Celebrating All Those Who Died Defending Our Freedom


Happy Memorial Day

Grateful today for the freedoms I have. And those who fought and died to protect them.

Especially since so many want to silence my speech and insult my belief in God. Just look at any facebook page which supports traditional marriage.

Got this email from a facebook friend:

One of them [gay-marriage activists] even hacked onto my Facebook account and stole some of my family photos. C. Hawn is using my family photo as his profile pic…trying to get under my skin. Anyways, make sure you set all of your settings strict so they don’t do it to you. I was posting as [— ——] but had to create this Facebook account because they reported me over and over again too. They hate to hear truth. It’s a battle, I appreciate having people like you in my corner. God Bless, and forgive me if I tell a few of ’em I feel like cracking their teeth in or something. I try to keep my Federal side separate from my Church side…as they want me to.

In celebration of Memorial day, I commit to continue saying some Truths out loud:

Marriage is between one man and one woman.

Children deserve a mom and a dad.


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Reminder: Why Are We Fighting For Traditional Marriage?

children need a mom and a dad

Tonight, I was participating in a Facebook Fan Page for Marriage.

One commenter said:

“There are no RIGHTS to a mom and dad! If there were, same sex adoption wouldn’t be legal! Stop talking about rights that don’t exists as your main argument!”

Wow. Usually people don’t admit out loud that they don’t think children have a right to a mom and a dad. Usually they try to deflect and talk about how children just need two people to love them. Usually they can’t bring themselves to admit they are advocating stripping a child on purpose of their natural parental rights.

It’s always shocking to me.

And sad.

And supremely unfair. The children are born at the mercy of adult wants.

Happy Sunday.

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