The Subprime Marriage Crisis – An Analogy Between Same-Sex Marriage and the Credit Crisis


I came across this subprime marriage analogy today from J. Max Wilson on Sixteen Small Stones…. It’s spot on!

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The Subprime Marriage Analogy

Over and over again I hear supporters of same-sex marriage ask derisively how a same-sex marriage could possibly destroy anyone else’s marriage.  More recently they point to Massachusetts, where same-sex marriage has been legal since May 2004, and declare triumphantly that the societal meltdown prophesied by opponents has not materialized.

But as the subprime mortgage crisis demonstrates, in complex systems seemingly small policy changes, and millions of individual decisions, can over a longer time-scale cause disastrous results for even those who were not involved in the bad decisions, even if things look peachy in the interim.  Five years ago we might have asked derisively “How can my neighbor’s subprime mortgage hurt my mortgage?”  And now we know how.

Redefining marriage to include same-sex couples is analogous to redefining lending guidelines to offer mortgages to applicants who under previous definitions would not qualify.  We are creating subprime marriages.

The motivation for changing the definition is also similar.  Home ownership is a stabilizing institution.  Government programs sought to lower the standards for mortgage qualifications in order to encourage the stabilizing influence of home ownership among lower-income families and minorities.  Plus everyone wants the benefits of home ownership, and the government and businesses wanted the increased revenue by lending and taxing people who were previously not eligible.

But by lowering the standards they set up a system that in the long term destabilized the entire housing market.

Likewise, marriage is a stabilizing institution.  Some same-sex marriage proponents argue that by allowing homosexuals to marry they will stabilize relationships that are at the present notoriously unstable.  They want the benefits of marriage. Who doesn’t?  But just like home ownership, but even more so, marriage is a long term investment.  It is an investment in the next generation of citizens consisting of the children raised by marriages, and by proxy an investment in society.  By redefining marriage, we potentially destabilize the entire system in the long term, even if things look peachy in the interim.

Of course, same-sex marriage is only one type of subprime marriage.  For decades now we have been investing in other forms of subprime marriages as we grow increasingly tolerant of pornography, infidelity, abuse, and divorce.  In many ways same-sex marriage is as much a result of these existing subprime marriages.

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Washington D.C. Hiding From Public on Same-sex “Marriage”


Washington D.C. Hiding From Public on Same-sex “Marriage”

While same-sex marriage is a political issue that crosses all socio-political boundaries, democrat leadership seems to have taken a particular interest in promoting the issue in the north eastern states and now in Washington D.C.

The District of Columbia Council has voted 12-1 to recognize homosexual “marriages” from states where homosexual marriage is now legal – Massachusetts, Iowa, Vermont and Connecticut.

The bill now goes to the U.S. House and U.S. Senate for their approval. If approved by both, it will then go to the president for his signature.  If Congress does not act on the bill by June 6, it automatically becomes law.

It appears that Democrats will not allow a vote on the bill.

Watching these kind of shenanigans go down, the question has to be asked, why play the shell game?  Why not go on the record for “equality” if that’s really what this is about?  Let’s have a debate!  Go on the record!  Stand up for what you believe in!

As Abraham Lincoln said:

“I freely acknowledge myself the servant of the people, according to the bond
of service — the United States Constitution; and that, as such,
I am responsible to them.”

If it’s not worth standing up for, it’s not worth believing.

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See this from AFA:

What you can do:
1. Send an E-mail your representative and two senators today and tell them you want a recorded vote on the D.C. homosexual marriage bill. Tell them if no vote is allowed, then it is clear the Democratic Party is promoting homosexual marriage despite President Obama’s public announcement that he is opposed to homosexual marriage.
2. After you have sent your e-mail, make a phone call to your representative and senators to tell them that you want a recorded vote. The number to call is 202-224-3121.

Threats to Petitioners for the People’s Veto?

warning red

The following threat was posted as a comment on our post about the People’s Veto in Maine.

Comment Posted by:


Submitted on 2009/05/09 at 1:10pm

For the record, the names and home addresses of each person signing the veto petitions will be available for publication under the Freedom of Information Act.

Potential signers of the veto petition should be aware that this is not an anonymous process. Contributors to Proposition 8 in California were horrified to learn that their names and home addresses were made public.

In fairness, Maine voters should be aware of this in deciding whether or not to stand up publicly against marriage equality and must be willing to accept any ramifications as a result of their act of petition.

Threats received on this site are taken seriously.  I have forwarded this comment and all identifying information to law enforcement officials in Maine for investigation.

Voter intimidation is not only wrong, it is illegal.

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