New York: Pro-Marriage Rally a Success! 20,000-30,000 gather outside Governor Paterson’s Office

traditional marraige rally

Senator Ruben Diaz and others Condemn Marriage-Neutering Politicians

Just a review: NY Governor Paterson introduced a same-gender “marriage” bill into the NY state legislature April 16.

Gov. Paterson also participated in a rally today. For his bill. Not very many people came. The media describes it as “hundreds.” One blog said they “numbered few”.

In the meantime, tens of thousands showed up to protest Gov. Paterson’s bill.

The anti-gay marriage rally lingered for hours and worshippers listened as speakers reiterated over and over that marriage should strictly apply to men and women. And while these are words heard in churches – organizers estimated over 3,000 congregations arrived – Leslie Diaz, the state senator’s wife, warned parents to monitor what is being taught in the city’s public schools.

"These kids are being taught that two mommies are okay; that two daddies are okay; that they could choose whatever sex they want to have a relationship with is okay," she said. "You must be vigilant and you must be aware. Do not trust the Board of Education." [source]

Leslie Diaz makes a great point. We all need to be proactive in our communities and our schools. There is a real agenda, which we have witnessed and are witnessing in CA. Pay attention. Do what you can to influence your community for good.

Notice that the key speaker for this rally was Senator Ruben Diaz. A democrat. This issue is not defined by liberal or conservative parameters. Gay activists want to make it into a party issue. But it isn’t one.

My favorite part about this rally is that religion was unabashedly a part of the argument. There is no reason why religion should be shut out of the public square. Religion is a belief system, and don’t we all vote our beliefs? Why is one set of beliefs more valuable than another?

Go New York!

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