No Water=No Jobs: March on Sacramento


Congress Created Dust Bowl Outrage:

Something is terribly wrong.  Businesses are leaving California.  Productive citizens and their businesses are fleeing to places like Texas and Nevada, with business friendly policies, less regulation and lower taxes.  Meanwhile, California’s unemployment rate skyrockets, our cost of living increases, and our politicians respond by passing even more stringent legislation and higher taxes…even when we vote against it!

On August 28, groups who have never come together before, farmers, ranchers, miners,  loggers, trucking companies, cement makers, builders…productive, hard working people from all political parties, social affiliations and industries will descend on the state capitol in Sacramento.

Our message to the government is clear and simple; we don’t need your help, and we don’t need your bailouts. Set us free from burdensome taxes and regulations and get the hell out of our way. We’re the productive people of the state of California, we’re Americans, we’re Tea Party Patriots, and we’ve had just about all we’re going to take from you!!

Mark Meckler
Attorney at Law

Tea Party Patriot
National Coordinator
California Co-Coordinator
Sacramento – Organizer


Sacramento to Kick-off Next Tea Party Rally Event“- Hogue News

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There is no political affiliation associated with the March on Sacramento 8.28.09.

This is the residents of California: business owners AND workers, taxpayers AND consumers, demanding economically sound, environmentally sensible solutions rather than impossible politically-driven regulations.

We won’t be distracted by politicians who attempt to “divide and conquer”…we are resolved to remain united and and strong.

We don’t have to agree on EVERYTHING, but we agree on this.

All other issues aside, we are marching together in Sacramento to protest business-and-job-killing, price-and-tax-raising policies that originate in our Capitol under the guise of “protecting the environment.”

more information at Sac 828 Blog


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