Voice of the Nation– Restructuring the Practice of Medicine With Obama’s Healthcare Plan

Join Heather and Angela for

Voice of the Nation

Family Values Blog Talk Radio


“At the heart of President Barack Obama’s health-care plan is an insurance program funded by taxpayers, administered by Washington, and open to everyone. Modeled on Medicare, this “public option” will soon become the single dominant health plan, which is its political purpose. It will restructure the practice of medicine in the process.” —Wall Street Journal

On Thursday– Join us on Voice of the Nation as we discuss President Obama’s plan to restructure healthcare on a national level.  What is nationalized healthcare and how it will affect each of us, our children and those we love most?  Is nationalizing your healthcare the answer?

Guest Dr. John Richard Ammon This week we’ll be talking with Dr. John Richard Ammon,  a Cardiac and Neurosurgical Anesthesiologist from Phoenix AZ.  Dr. Ammon is a former President of the American Board of Anesthesiologists and currently serves as a Faculty Member of University of Arizona for Anesthesiology.  He has also worked closely with Congressmen and Senators on the healthcare issues currently facing our nation.  Join us as we talk with Dr. Ammon about the human side of the debate from a doctor/patient perspective.  Find out about not just the financial, but the human costs of socialized medicine.


The Family Values Blog Talk Radio show is a joint effort between United Families International, the Digital Network Army, and other Pro-Family organizations in highlighting current issues facing families in the Pro-Family Movement.

Call in to VOICE OF THE NATION every Thursday at 2pm PST.  The call-in number is

347- 215-6801


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