Cult of Personality—The Power and Danger of Iconography

Cult of Personality?

Following the same lines as our conversation on “Voice of the Nation” yesterday, a friend sent me this video from PJTV:

Watch the whole thing, it’s fascinating.  I hadn’t considered the graphic aspect of the Obama’s logo and how it’s being used.  That he and his handlers are using it as a replacement for the official presidential logo is surprising and a little alarming, but the symbolic use and changes to the original presidential seal are even more disturbing.

Symbolically Obama seems to be trying to eclipse his office with his brand.  Put that together with the eerie allegiances of the “I pledge” video and directing school lesson plans from the whitehouse, and it all comes together in a creepy way.

Keep your eyes open America.  This guy is as slippery as they come.

—Beetle Blogger


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