Don’t Be Naive! Don’t Be Deceived!

Don’t be naive, Maine citizens!

Writing in the Kennebec Journal Morning Sentinel, Pat Truman of Hallowell remarked:

Regarding the attorney general’s opinion “Gay marriage law irrelevant to schools” (Oct. 16), how naïve does she think Maine citizens are!

Because Janet Mills didn’t find any references to marriage in the public school curricula — does she think that once “same-sex marriage” is legalized, homosexuals and their apologists won’t be demanding that homosexual relationships be taught in schools as normal?

That is their modus operandi: first to portray themselves as victims to get sympathy and support — then, to employ the incremental approach until they achieve their ends. (Take a look at Dennis Altman’s book, “The Homosexualization of America.”)

Therefore, once homosexuality is normalized, all boundaries are down.

Read more here.


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