Win in Maine—Opposition Vows Revenge


Win in Maine—Opposition Vows Revenge

Excellent election last night.  I stayed up late watching the returns come in.  Despite the odds, the opining of the opposition etc predicting 5-2 we’d lose…. and in a liberal state that didn’t even think twice about raising taxes amid economic hardship or legalizing marijuana, Yes on 1 pulled through! We were outmanned, outspent, but not out of faith.

On the other side, the gnashing of teeth began as No on 1’s Jesse Connolly vowed to take personal revenge:

“In a defiant speech to several hundred lingering supporters, No on 1 campaign manager Jesse Connolly pledged that his side “will not quit until we know where every single one of these votes lives.” —Bangor Daily News

And tolerance has yet another field day on the opposition’s side.  But we knew that didn’t we?  That’s one of the reasons why this vote was so crucial.

Excellent fight!  Congratulations Maine!

—Beetle Blogger

From CRI: Same-Sex Marriage Law in Maine Overturned by Popular Vote
In another victory for pro-family Americans, Maine voters sent a message to their leaders on Tuesday that traditional marriage should be upheld. By a vote of 53% to 47%, voters overturned a law enacted by the Maine legislature that would have allowed homosexual couples to marry. If upheld, the law would have made Maine the sixth state allowing homosexual marriage, and the first state in which the people’s vote allowed the law to stand. Maine is the 31st state where gay marriage has been on the ballot. The measure has been rejected by popular vote in every election in which it has been presented. In some cases, the people have voted to overturn the actions of their legislators or courts, and rejected attempts to legalize same-sex marriage without a vote, as in Maine and California.

Gay marriage is legal in five states, and two states recognize same-sex marriage, but do not perform it. In each of the states where it is legal, it has been enacted by an action of the courts or the legislature, without the people having a say.




  1. Delirious said,

    November 8, 2009 at 8:57 am

    They are really showing their true colors, aren’t they? Of course, strong arm and bullying seem to be the most common tactics used by the left today, and also by the present administration.

  2. beetlebabee said,

    November 8, 2009 at 1:06 pm

    It’s true. You know I had an interesting conversation with someone on the other side about this, he was very adamant that all these tactics were completely justified against marriage supporters because in his view, the people he was hurting were all about hate. As long as they were fighting hate, the rules didn’t apply to them. It’s scary to realize that this is the same sort of reasoning that Hitler used in Nazi Germany. He justified his hate of Jews because of the perceived wrongs they’d done. Everyone can always find a justification for hate if they want to. It’s not right for anyone on either side of this argument to promote hate or violence.

    That this guy was at the head of the No campaign is particularly troubling. I haven’t seen any apologies or retractions, have you?

  3. LdChino said,

    November 10, 2009 at 4:02 am

    Y’all are the ones who owe Jesse an apology. He was talking about finding supporter votes. If you’ve ever done GOTV, you know you first have to ID your supporters so you can then canvass and call and get them to the polls. “These votes” are the no-show supporter votes the No campaign missed this time around.

    Malkin totally got this one wrong, and here y’all are echoing Michelle’s mistaken reading of Jesse’s statement. Nice touch throwing in the Nazi comparison, by the way.

    If you knew anything about Maine politics, you’d never believe that a local establishment figure like Jesse Connolly would talk about targeting opposition voters. If such a story were true, it would end his ability to get anything done in the state, because the local press would have a field day with such a statement. Have you seen any outrage in the local Maine media about this supposed vow to to revenge? No. None. Zip. Zero. Nada.

    Why? Because Jesse didn’t say what Malkin claims he said. Which is why the DNA and Michelle Malkin are the only ones touting this story.

    Will we see a retraction here?

  4. beetlebabee said,

    November 10, 2009 at 6:58 am

    Actually Chino Blanco, I didn’t read Michelle’s piece until much later, but we all knew it was coming. I got this tip from an opposition poster who was threatening those on the Maine facebook site. He left a link to some rant page highlighting Jesse’s quote. I researched it and got the original quote from the Bangor Daily News. Jesse Connolly’s entire comments are not quoted, so you may be correct or not. Certainly the news reports treat his quote as if he said it in the heat of the moment,

    “In a defiant speech to several hundred lingering supporters, No on 1 campaign manager Jesse Connolly pledged that his side “will not quit until we know where every single one of these votes lives.” —Bangor Daily News

    You are welcome to follow the source link and read the article yourself. If what you say is true and he was only talking about the get out the vote effort, there’s no hint of it in the article. Not having been there, I have no idea what the true insinuations were. However, this commenter was one of several on the board I was debating that had the same take on it. Has Jesse come out to explain his nationally reported comment? To clarify that he meant no harm to those who exercised their constitutional right to vote?

    Commenters on the boards I frequent certainly interpreted it to mean that the NO campaign was going to seek out the names and addresses of those on the donor lists for NOM, and the voter lists for Maine, and through the likes of knowthyneighbor and h8 maps, expose the personal identities of individual voters for intimidation and harassment like they did in California. You cannot deny the bloodthirsty element out there, who feel completely justified in every act of intimidation perpetuated against family advocates. If there is some statement out there from Jesse Connolly expressing his true intentions and denying his involvement in the effort to expose individual voters and donors to harassment, by all means, bring it forward—because if there was clarification put out there, I have yet to see it.

    Do not be upset if there is this idea floating out there that gay activists are going to hunt down the voters for revenge. It’s part and par for the course with you guys. It happened here in California already, and last I heard, those behind the NO campaign were just as adamant for that personal information to be made public in Maine as well……..Jesse Connolly included.

  5. Richard said,

    November 10, 2009 at 7:23 am

    I agree. There has been no clarification if that is really the case. The Bangor Daily News has not even made a clarification. Yet on the other side, the efforts continue to expose individual voters.

    Have you seen the column from Euripides? He’s got a good sampling of hate directed at Maine voters from the supporters of gay policy.

    On Religion

    “F*** GOD and all homophobics religions”

    “I am going to ask the City of Portland to remove poling place from all Churches, (how can you have a vote for a free county, in a place that is run by a hate group). Ask everyone to stop giving to any group that supports hate, this include the united way, they are a big supporter of Catholic Charities, with is part of one of the worlds largest hate groups.”

    “The fault lies with the right wing Christians and half of the electorate who didn’t think we are worth trouble.”

    “Christian , you are a christian taliban , you live in the middle age like Ben Laden . Stay on your cave!”

    “Christians talibans win a battle in Maine but not the war .”

    “Time to vote on whether or nor Catholics should be enslaved. Time to vote on whether Protestants should pay double taxes. Time to vote whether Jews can live in a house or must live in a shack. Time to vote on whether a white man is a whole man or 5/8ths of a man. Time to see how the breeders would like them apples!”

    On the Value of Democracy

    “I predicted Maine’s same sex marriage laws would be overturned by the f***ing voters.”

    “F*** You Maine 52.75%! Your state is now covered in shame. As for my fellow gay brothers and sisters and our allies in Maine and across this nation, it is now time to ACT UP! By Any Means Necessary!”

    “‘The majority’ are dumba**es.”

    “Unfortunatly all the hypocrit religous right ppl. and the homophobic rednecks won.”

    “Let this be a lesson for everybody. We pour our hearts and soul to a certain president who instead went to help mindless races in virginia and new jersey instead of helping gays and being our “fierce advocate” in this winnable election in Maine. Any gay man or woman that from now own is still being an annoying obama whore or bot or apologist is an idiot and deserves a kick in the groin.”

    “First, I’ll say that Maine has shown with yesterday’s voting that it hates equality, but it looooooves weed! Bunch of gay-bashing stoners. They must be so proud.”

    On Opposing Viewpoints

    “@ Kathy aka The sad Wanna-be Osama-Nazi-Taliban-chick They will put you in a house and won’t let you outside. If you want to go out or seek contact with other people (especially men) in internet forums you will be lucky if they only beat you unconscious or cripple you, more likely though you will be beaten to death or hanged. The latter I would by the way favor even right now because there are far too many stupid people on this earth. Against gay marriage? Don’t get one and leave other people alone, they leave you alone as well and let you do all kinds of strange stuff like talk to yourself (pray) or throw yourself to the ground 5 times a day for nothing… I think it’s hilarious that there are still so many people who believe that century old b*llsh*t but would I go and say it to your face that you are in my eyes a complete moron? No, because my parents actually raised me to respect other people. BTW Nazi-Kathy – your parents did a miserable job!”

    “Brilliant portrait of Kathy, Dieter. But you’re going to make me feel sorry for her. Well, she is a pathetic troll . . . .”

    “Lick a t***, Kathy.”

    On NOM

    “NOM and other hate organizations have more supporters, more money and more power. Another repetition of Prop. H8, we’ll see a lot more of that, make no mistake. I can hear NOM et al gloating.”

    On Perceptions

    “The definition of marriage is holding us back, we get too caught us with this f***ing definition. If the gay marriage could be overturned in Maine, California, gay marriage could also be overturned easily in other 4 states that legalize same sex marriage.”

    “im all for voting and democracy but ch***t. it says in the damn constitution that all men are created equal we as a nation as a society cant seem to just accept that. we fight for somthing that was already fought for decades ago. when will we learn.”

    “The dirty, ugly truth is we have to do what the right accuses us of doing. We have to teach the upcoming generations that it’s ok to be homosexual.”

    see his other commentary here:

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