Where’s Beetle??

Blessings of a Varied Life

As often happens, life has caught up with me and my time is required in other pursuits.  I spent the last summer helping write a book and also grew my family by two precious daughters.  Life is good.

I have treasured my time at Beetleblogger.  I  learned and loved and gave my all to the cause of marriage through this blog for nearly two years of my life.  It was a learning experience for me to have the chance to understand the marriage debate in every facet.  I appreciate all the comments, discussions and lively debates we’ve had that helped me understand the nuances of the issue so clearly.  I hope these debates can stand as a snapshot of this time in history.  The fight for marriage is ongoing, and while I’m taking a break from blogging, I am actively helping in other parts of the fight.  See you on nomblog!

Carry on!