Message in a Bottle: To My Missing Mother– From Tbilisi, Georgia

I received this letter to me personally from a family friend who is serving a mission with his wife in Tbilisi, Georgia:
We visited a home for mentally challenged older adult age individuals. They range from severe to some who are more normal than some folks on the street. All of which have been abandoned by their families for one reason or another, mostly due to economics. We were doing a humanitarian project for them, (distributing medical supplies) so we made a few visits in the process. On one visit an individual came up to me and asked if I could help him. He handed me a letter he had written. It was in Georgian so of course I could not read it. So I had our translator read it. I could not hold back the tears as she read the letter. (Note the reason for the red eyes in my picture.) I gave him a hug and promised I would try to do something. Can you help? — David

Our family decided to try to help. Tbilisi, Georgia doesn’t have a lot of technology, but in looking for miracles, you try whatever you can. Perhaps a posting online will, like a message in a bottle, somehow find it’s way to her– or inspire some other mother, in similar circumstances to find her child. Here is the letter he wishes to send to his mother:

To My Dear Mother,

Hello, Mother, how are you? Are you doing well? Mother, I am your son, Evgeni Abdalov. What happened? Why did you forsake me? What did I do wrong that you forsook me? Maybe you had a hard time? Maybe you were sick? If you were sick and now you are well, why haven’t you come to see me? How can I believe you don’t remember me? I can’t believe it, and you know why? Because mother will never leave her child, even if he is sick. Maybe someone had forced you to do so? Do you know that I am waiting for you to come? I’ve been waiting for you forever. Once, when I was little, parents came to one of children, he was playing with them, giving them hugs and kisses. I began to cry. I was being asked why I was crying, and I answered: I want my Mom to come. Nurses were telling me, that my Mom would come to see me, too, they were calming me down.

One week passed, then one month, but you didn’t come. I wanted to see you, I was asking myself: “What did I do wrong? Why nobody comes to me?” but I didn’t have an answer to this question neither then, nor now. And the only one person, who can answer this question is you, mother. Still, what happened? Why have you forsaken me? Didn’t it hurt your heart? Couldn’t you at least say Hello to me?

I am still waiting for you, mother. Please, show up, I need you. I don’t want to die without getting to know you. I will forgive you, just come. I am waiting for you impatiently.

With great love to you,

Your son Evgeni Abdalov. If you can hear me or read this letter, find me.

Evgeni Abdalov was born on February 20, 1983

Dusheti Home for the Disabled, Dusheti Georgia

If you have any information that could help Evgeni Abdalov find his mother, please contact me directly through the comments section. Private comments will not be published.  Thanks guys, in advance.

Beautiful To Him by Rachel Thibodeau

Countering the many twisted messages of a mixed up world, comes this one beautiful message to women.  Pass it on to your daughters.

–Beetle Blogger

Beautiful To Him

by Rachel Thibodeau

So much noise, so much peace destroyed,

I can hardly hear the voice, leading me through the void,

So much noise.

The world’s little lies,

Destruction in disguise, opportunities to compromise,

To make me beautiful in their eyes,

But I’m not gonna buy the world’s little lies.

Because I define myself and find my beauty in the light He gives.

I’m refined by His divine intentions every day I live.

It doesn’t matter what the world believes,

Or what they say that beauty means,

It comes from within,

I want to be beautiful to Him.

He’s given me His trust, so I’ll be strong enough,

To run from a dangerous touch, I don’t need that kind of love,

I don’t need that crutch, He’s given me his trust.

I define myself and find my beauty in the light He gives.

I’m refined by His divine intentions every day I live.

It doesn’t matter what the world believes,

Or what they say that beauty means,

It comes from within,

I want to be beautiful to Him.

I know how to shine, my life’s not really mine.

It’s not about a worldly climb, it’s all about His design.

So in His eyes, I want to shine.

Because I define myself and find my beauty in the light He gives.

I’m refined by His divine intentions every day I live.

It doesn’t matter what the world believes,

Or what they say that beauty means,

It comes from within,

I want to be beautiful to Him.

I want to live to have His peace,

And feel the holiness He seeks.

It comes from within.

I want to be beautiful… to Him.

I Am A Mother. A Tale of Two Views

I Am A Mother.

As I was reading through NOM blog today, I came across these two posts by women on opposite ends of the marriage debate.  Their heartfelt takes on marriage and what it means really impressed me.  In particular, they are both powerful, emotional statements, yet worlds apart in focus:

“I am a citizen, who desires nothing more than any other citizen. I want children for the exact same reasons any heterosexual does. I want to be married for the exact same reasons any heterosexual does.

I can’t change who I am, or who I fall in love with any more than you can, and I should just accept I’ll never have the same thing as my sister or brother, who are heterosexual?

And because of people like you, my partner and I will probably have a harder time raising our son than you would your children.

The only reason a child would think any less of his or her family would be because people like you do.

Good night, and I really hope none of your children are gay. If they are, make sure and tell them early on why they shouldn’t ever be able to marry. It’ll be easier on them in the long-run.”  —Marci


When I dated, I chose who I made relationships with. I chose who I would live my life with. No one took those choices from me. Because of my choices, my children will have a mom and a dad, and I will work every day to make sure it stays that way because my children need a mom and a dad. I would never deny a child what they are entitled to simply because of my own selfish wants and desires. Children have rights too, rights that can’t be denied simply because they don’t fit a certain parent’s sexual desires. I am prepared to teach my children by example what a family is, and You can bet I will make sure that they know, if they are not prepared to give a child the things they need in life, they ought not be bringing those children into the world. I am a mom, and because I’m a mom, the needs of my children surpass my petty wants. That is a sacrifice I’m willing to make a thousand times over, and one we should comit to as a society. Every child needs a mom and a dad. Death and divorce aside, we should do everything we can to give them the best chance possible to have that in their lives.”  —Sandee

I thought the response to Marci’s letter was singularly powerful.  One letter focused on the writer, what the writer wanted, what the writer felt, and children were an accessory to that.  The other writer’s focus is on her family, her children and what makes a family.

Two mothers. Two world views.

The first takes no responsibility, the second is the embodiment of responsibility.

It was a poignant example of the very basis of disagreement in the marriage debate, excellently articulated by two of society’s mothers.

—Beetle Blogger

United Families International: The Blessings of the Family

Painting Title: Family Tree
Patricia LeBon-Herb

The Blessings of the Family for Nations and Homes

It is a difficult and dangerous time for the family. Yet during this Holiday Season, as so many turn their thoughts towards family and loved ones, it is important to step back from the fight and remind ourselves why the family is so worthy of defense-why we, as individuals, communities, and nations, cannot survive without the blessings of this indispensable structure.

The Importance of the Family

The family is the basic unit of society through which every individual is blessed, by which every generation is raised, and upon which every nation is built.

Margaret Thatcher, former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, once said, “”The family is the building block of society. It is a nursery, a school, a hospital, a leisure center, a place of refuge, and a place of rest.”

This statement captures the profound and varied blessings provided by a loving and healthy family. These are not simply pleasant gifts that can be substituted with alternative and varied relationships. The traditional family-with a loving father and mother caring for their biological children-is uniquely structured to best provide the love, support, acceptance, and stability necessary for individuals, children, and societies to thrive.

The Blessings of the Family for the Individual

Both men and women are blessed by stable marriages and families. Research consistently shows that individuals within strong families are happier, healthier, safer, more financially sound, and more productive. They experience less depression, take better care of themselves, are happier at their jobs, find more fulfillment in life and experience less illness.

Additionally, marriage and families provide innumerable intangible blessings-such as love, belonging, security, self-sacrifice, and purpose-that are not found or developed as fully in any other relationship. Individuals are at their most loving and self-sacrificing within families.

The Blessings of the Family for Children:

The evidence in support of the family is in no place more unanimous and convincing than in research on the importance of family for the development and happiness of children. Study after study indicates that strong families-with a married biological mother and father-are the best environment for rearing children.

Children raised in traditional families have fewer psychological problems, do better in school, have higher self-esteem, are less likely to use illicit drugs, build stronger relationships, and have fewer behavioral problems than children from broken or single-parent homes. Although the ideal relationship between a married, biological mother and father cannot always be met, all evidence indicates it is an ideal worth striving for.

The Blessings of the Family for Society:

Theodore Roosevelt once captured the importance of the family when he said, “[I]t is the life of the family upon which in the last analysis the whole welfare of the nations rests. . . . The nation is nothing but the aggregate of the families within its borders.”  Strong nations are built out of strong families, not the other way around. No government policy or community program can ever replicate its structure or fulfill its manifold functions.

The family provides the ideal structure through which the most natural and ennobling human affections are focused to promote the safety, welfare and development of all involved. It channels biological drives towards love of others, ensures the well-being and education of children, ties every generation to the next, and secures the welfare of every individual by providing a familial safety net. Government can never create enough programs to compensate if this structure fails.

Strengthening Families:

As the New Year approaches let us all recommit ourselves to strengthening and enjoying our own families. We cannot stave off the attacks of those who would see the family erased from society unless our own families are vibrant and strong.

This simply means we must continue doing what so many of us already do: spend time together, communicate, sacrifice for each other’s welfare, and promote the happiness of spouse and children. These simple acts not only bring happiness and fulfillment to our own lives but literally strengthen our nations and bless our posterity.

United Families International

Angela Rockwood—2009 Mother of the Year

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A Well Deserved Honor Comes to Beetle Blogger Senior Editor

For all those mothers out there who couldn’t be nominated but who should have, I share this precious victory with you.  I don’t usually talk about my private family, but with Mother’s Day approaching I just couldn’t let the moment go by.

As 2009 Mother of the Year, I’d just like to say that I deserve every bit of this fame and glory and that I hope you all can someday rise to this level of expertise in your own lives. Thank You.

I’d just like to thank those of my readers who nominated me for such a great honor.  I couldn’t have done it without you.  Thanks, you’ll never know how much this really means to me.

–Beetle Blogger