Obama the Messiah? Try Moses in the Desert: CA Congressmen Enticed With Water Provision

Fish or Families?  The Congress Created Dust bowl….that was the question and the resulting controversy last year in California’s breadbasket.  California’s Central Valley had their water forcibly cut off last year by courts and politicians deaf to the needs of citizens and farmers.  Now mysteriously, two votes switch on Obama’s healthcare plan and miraculously, water flows in the ravaged desert.

DEAL WATCH: Code Red Moves Cardoza and Costa to “Yes” Votes on Gov’t Healthcare Takeover After Water Deal

As a vote approaches on Obama and Pelosi’s government takeover of healthcare, Code Red is now considering two supposedly “undecided” California Democrats, Dennis Cardoza and Jim Costa, to now be “yes” votes.

The U.S. Department of Interior announced yesterday that it is increasing water allocations for the Central Valley of California, a region that depends on these water allocations to support local agriculture and jobs. The region has recently been starved for water and as a result unemployment has soared.  Not surprisingly, Cardoza and Costa had a hand in the announcement:

“Typically, Reclamation would release the March allocation update around March 22nd, but moved up the announcement at the urging of Senators Feinstein and Boxer, and Congressmen Costa and Cardoza.”  —NRCC

With farmers fleeing the state, going bankrupt and with the unemployment rate in farming communities as high as 41 %, I have one question.  If this was possible, why did the dems hold out earlier?

Last year when people were suffering and losing their jobs, rallies were held, letters were written, congressmen called…. EVERY  effort was made to help those farmers, and every door closed firmly in their faces.

Now I’m grateful to see water finally flowing to the farmers, but honestly, I have to ask— What has changed?  Why is water being made available now?  Why this news after more than a year of suffering?  Why this announcement now, within minutes of two key democrats switching their votes on healthcare?  Was corruption the key?

Is democracy the price for water?

–Beetle Blogger



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Dead and Dying–California’s Central Valley Dust Bowl

Those who want to know the latest outrage on the Central Valley water front, check this story from the American Spectator:

Emptying Reservoirs in the Middle of a Drought


ANYONE DOUBTING THAT OUR nation’s environmental and economic policies can get seriously out of whack from time to time need only look to the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta. Located in California’s Central Valley, between the state’s capital city and Stockton, it is where the American, Mokelumne, Cosumnes, and Calaveras Rivers flow into the larger Sacramento and San Joaquin. It is also where the saddest agricultural saga since the Depression-era Dust Bowl is now playing, as the waters from those rivers flow beneath San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge and out to sea. As they flow unimpeded to the Pacific, those waters are also washing out to sea the livelihoods of tens of thousands of farm workers and agricultural business owners. It is an economic as well as human tragedy.


NOM: New Bill to Protect Marriage in Washington D.C., Support Needed!

URGENT ALERT: Urge Congress to Support Bill to Protect Marriage!

Breaking news from Washington . . . .

9 U.S. Senators have agreed to co-sponsor a bill that would guarantee the right of DC residents to vote on same-sex marriage.

The bill will be introduced shortly and will complement a similar bill introduced in the House in January.  The House bill is HR4430, and I’ll keep you posted when the Senate Bill is introduced and assigned a number.

The next few days are crucial as we meet with legislators and seek support on Capitol Hill! We need your help right now.

Use this link to send an email to your Senators and Congressman. Tell them you want them to join as co-sponsors of the DC Marriage Initiative bill / HR4430, and even more importantly, push to ensure that the bill gets a vote on the Senate and House floors.

Sending Your Letter
The 9 Senate co-sponsors are Senators Robert Bennett (UT), Sam Brownback (KS), Jim Bunning (KY), John Cornyn (TX), Mike Enzi (WY), James Inhofe (OK), Pat Roberts (KS), David Vitter (LA), and Roger Wicker (MS).  The 2 House co-sponsors are Representatives Jason Chaffetz (UT) and Jim Jordan (OH).

When you use the link above to send your email message, you’ll see two letters. If your senator or congressman is one of the existing co-sponsors to the bill, they will receive the “Letter for Co-Sponsors.” Otherwise, your senators and congressman will receive the “Letter for All Others.”  Either way, your letter will be going to your own elected officials in Washington.  Please take a moment to personalize your letter to let your representatives in Washington know how important this issue is.

Your Voice Makes a Difference!
We face an uphill battle, and the next few days are extremely important as we gather support in Congress. NOM and Stand4MarriageDC are in meetings almost daily with various House and Senate offices, and we need your support. Your legislators need to hear not just from us, but from you — their own constituents who care about this important issue.

The Senate leadership just wants this issue to go away, and will do whatever they can to bury it in committee. That’s why every Senator needs to hear from people in his or her own state, urging him to stand up for the voting rights of DC residents.

An out-of-control city council tried to do an end run around the DC Charter, refusing to recognize the rights of DC voters to file an initiative petition on marriage. Regardless of where your representatives stand on same-sex marriage, tell them that we ought not stand for this sort of government abuse against the residents of our nation’s capital.

Tell your Senators and Congressman you want them to publicly stand for marriage and civil rights by co-sponsoring the DC Marriage Initiative Bill / HR4430. Tell them how important this issue is both for the future of marriage and for the rights of everyday citizens trying to stand up against a government machine.

Then tell them you want them to champion this issue, push for a vote, and not let Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid bury it in some subcommittee!

Please click here to send your message to Congress today!

Then forward this message to friends and family all across the country! Together we can stand up for DC voters and make sure they have a chance to be heard on marriage!

Brian BrownFaithfully,

Brian S. Brown
Executive Director
National Organization for Marriage
20 Nassau Street, Suite 242
Princeton, NJ  08542

P.S.: Are you a part of our national grassroots action team? Sign up at TwoMillionForMarriage.com
today to receive regular email alerts and marriage updates from Washington and your own state capital!

Obama, Planned Parenthood & The KKK

Governor Lynch Neuters Marriage by Signing Gay “Marriage” Bill| Opposes the DOMA

new hampshire makes marriage meaningless

Marriage Made Meaningless Today in New Hampshire

from CPRAction.Org


Today, surrounded in a room full of gay marriage supporters, Governor Lynch officially went back on his word and signed the gay marriage bill into law.  In addition to signing the bill, the Governor also indicated that he is now in favor of REPEALING the Defense of Marriage Act by stating that the federal government needs to now recognize the ‘marriages’ of same-sex couples.

CPR-Action, Executive Director Kevin Smith, made the following comments:

"By signing the gay ‘marriage’ bill into law today, Governor Lynch has officially gone back on his promise to oppose same-sex marriage as both a candidate and as Governor.  The Governor evidently has no problem misleading the voters of this state, while giving into the outside special interests pushing this radical agenda."
Smith added, "In one fell swoop of the pen, the Governor managed to not only sign an unpopular piece of legislation, but did so while breaking his trust with the citizens of this state – a move we are confident that the voters will not soon forget."


Support the DOMA here and here


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NY Activist Message: Marriage Is So Gay

marriage is so gay

Marriage includes no sexual orientation requirement.

Only a gender requirement: One man + One woman

Just thought I’d post a little reminder of why marriage is so important to society. For gay activists, marriage is not about stability for society. It is not about providing the next generation with a mom and a dad. It is not about tolerance.

It is about forcing total acceptance. Redefining marriage has consequences that are subtle but far reaching.

Contact your local, state, and national leaders. Develop relationships with them. Put their numbers in your cell phone. If you have a state amendment, remind your reps to support the DOMA. If you don’t have a state amendment, ask them to present one in your legislature.



Voice of the Nation–Open Discussion Night!


Voice of the Nation

Open Discussion Night!

Family Values Blog Talk Radio

Tonight! 5-07 Live at 9pm PST

Tonight: Voice of the Nation hosts open discussion night!  Join Angela and On Lawn of Opine Editorials for an open discussion night tonight at 9pm PST.  All viewpoints welcome!

Call in or join the conversation by chat!  We’ll be talking about the new poll that’s come out in New Hampshire as well as the current movement in Maine for a people’s veto of the new same-sex marriage legislation that was just passed this week.

Five states now recognize same-sex marriage, but will the people stand for it?



347- 215-6801

This is marriage: hard work.

this is marriage

“Marriage is the operation by which a woman’s vanity and a man’s egotism are extracted without an anesthetic.”

–Helen Rowland (1875–1950), U.S. journalist.


photo by antb

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What is the Federal Defense of Marriage Act?


Defining the DOMA

The Federal Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) defines marriage as a legal union between one man and one woman for purposes of all federal laws, and provides that states need not recognize a marriage from another state if it is between persons of the same sex. 37 states have their own Defense of Marriage Acts (DOMAs), while 2 more states have strong language that defines marriage as one man and one woman. There are 30 states that have constitutional amendments protecting traditional marriage, including the three states (Arizona, California, and Florida) that passed constitutional amendments in November 2008.

Digital Network Army — “Truthfilled. Respectful. Relentless.”


Beetle Blogger Joins the DNA!

“It is clear that the social networks online are powerful tools for whichever side can utilize them best.  It’s a digital war, and to win we need to tap into our digital resources. Currently, our views are woefully outnumbered and squelched online.  No one can even see proponent posts without digging because our opponents have squashed then through their sheer numbers and vocal (if not abrasive) comments and reactions.  We need to enter the fray en masse to allow the truth to be heard.  My goal is to prepare our digital volunteers to be honest, respectful, loving, relentless, and pro-traditional marriage rather than anti-gay. “
—DNA Team Captain

Welcome to the Digital Network Army!

Together we can make a crucial difference in how the public views marriage and family issues. We have the potential to become what may be the difference between winning and losing the marriage battle in our country.

Here’s how our system works: Each participant pledges to spend at least 20 to 30 minutes each day working for the DNA. An assignment will be issued from your Team Captain each day via email. A portion of your time will be spent visiting and promoting the assigned posts and videos that support our cause en masse.  As we join together, these key posts will rise to the top where the public will readily see them. The rest of your time will be reserved for visiting your own choice of blogs/networks and making a positive difference.

Why is this important? Because currently our opponents are far more active, numerous, and outspoken online. Their sheer numbers are squashing our viewpoints, removing any ally opinions to forgotten regions where no one will ever discover them unless they dig for them.

We must collectively be relentless. We will be successful, but only if we first educate ourselves on the issues and remain honest, respectful, loving, and pro-traditional marriage rather than anti-gay.

These are not easy goals amidst the fury of the online debate — but please demand nothing less of yourself. There is no reason to let our opponents lower our standards for us. Ignore expletive tangents, respond only to the issues, and retain a tough layer of skin.

As you begin, please secure your personal information online. You may want to take off any reference to your phone number or address (or other personal information – maybe your name or business name) from your own blog and other blogs/social sites. It is up to you how secure you want to be.

Lastly, take courage! We are taking off on an adventure together! We are not alone. This really is a war. Let’s make some serious dents in our opponents’ effectiveness online and have tales of courage, stamina, and strength to share with our progeny.

Truthfilled. Respectful. Relentless. We can make the difference.

Thank you for joining our team.


DNA Team Captain


Digital Network Army – “Truthfilled. Respectful. Relentless.”


Virally Funny Video

So…what is a virally funny video?  It’s when your sweetheart comes running in to find out what the thump was when you fell out of your chair laughing but he never helps you up because he’s captivated by the clip that’s still playing until finally gasping for air, you both get the urge to email the offending clip to all your family, friends and cousins—-even though you never do that sort of thing.  That’s virally funny.  It makes you want to hop up and say YEAH!  and then……. go vote!

[blip.tv ?posts_id=1390637&dest=-1]

A Walk on the Light Side–or A Word to the Opposition….

From: www.whatyououghttoknow.com

Yes on Prop 8!

Lack of amusement disclaimer–not everyone is as funny as this guy.

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