From IGen to the G.I. Gen—Turning into the WWII Generation


There’s only one way to win.

They’re calling this IGen, the internet generation.  We’ve got access to communication and tools we never had before.  We’ve got toys and distractions to abstract and endlessly entertain….we’ve got everything but what we need—good wholesome moorings of morality and self discipline.  As I’m watching these battles going on: Iowa, Vermont, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Massachusetts, California…. the picture is clear.  We’re in a war for the heart of this country.

We’ve got to move on from the pleasant distractions of IGen to the concentrated focus of the G.I. Gen.

That generation was the last major generation that fought the fight for families and freedom.  All the generations in between have been adrift in baubles and amusement.  The great war generation mobilized and fought, they survived the depression, they banded together no matter what came against them….they focused their energy on the task of doing whatever needed to be done—And they got it done.

If we’re going to win this current onslaught and turn back the looming tide, we need to take a few pointers from the G.I. Generation. We’ve got to be constantly alert and aware of what’s going on, because there are bigger things at stake here.  We can’t afford to be apathetic or laissez-faire about our situation.  Abortion, same-sex marriage, crippling debt…???  We’re losing our nation, our families and our freedom to those with broken morals and backwards ideals.

We have got to be consistently more dedicated to these issues than the most virulent opposition, or we will lose on every front to the slow and steady creep of this societal decline.

This is one of the comments I got today:

Beetle Babee, Could you tell me which family organizations/websites you think are most important to watch? I am always up to call, write, donate if I can, but most often I get emails last minute saying, ‘The vote is today!’ or ‘tomorrow!’ call your legislators! And they are always big issues to take away the rights of families and freedoms that true Americans hold dear. And sometimes I drop everything and do it, but sometimes I feel so frustrated because I can’t and there is never any time!

It’s like a well coordinated rush to push things through before America wakes up. Every time I look at my inbox there’s a something to stress about….I’m having a hard time while raising my kids, being aware of every courtroom fight, every legislative session, in every state, for our nation, and the UN as well!!!! I’ve accepted the fact that the elite in power are trying to take away our rights and the rights of the family and far over reaching the bounds of the constitution, and I can’t just sit back and expect them to do the right thing anymore. I have to fight! –Karisa

Karisa, I love you!  I wish we had a hundred thousand more just like you.  This is the attitude we need to have.  It’s the can-do attitude of the G.I. Generation.  Honestly look around at what we’re up against and ask yourself, if I don’t do it who will??

I don’t know if you’re on twitter, but I get most of my information on twitter from UFI, DNA_Army and Nomtweets, those are the main family information streams on twitter that I’ve found.  They try to send out a steady stream of updates on what’s going on in the marriage fight, they also cover other family issues.  If you follow DNA_Army, they retweet all the relevant stuff for marriage, family, life and freedom.

If you’re not on twitter, you can sign up for NOM, UFI and DNA emails.  I am also signed up for updates as well as my local source of information for my state.

For the most part, these fights are on an extremely  short time frame by design.   The dirty little secret is that the legislators pushing anti family measures do not want our input.  They don’t want us making a stink or rocking the boat, they have things on their agenda they want passed and if they’re in power, they can make it happen quickly and there’s nothing we can do about it but take it as it comes, always on the ready.

Family comes first, and if that’s really true then this is part of the new landscape we have to live in if we want to fight for families.  This is guerrilla combat against the powers that be.  Somehow we’ve gotten into a place in this country where the government is working against the people.  They don’t listen, they don’t hear, they don’t stand for their constituents, and they don’t think they’ll be held accountable for it.

At this point we’re putting out a lot of spot fires, constantly rushing from one emergency to the next.  If we had a friendlier whitehouse or legislature on the national level, we could start pushing the national marriage amendment and settle the question once and for all.  It’s already drafted and ready to go, we just can’t bring it up until we root out the current rot that’s in power.

Will they be tossed in four years?  They don’t think so.  That’s what we’ve got to change.  Turn up the heat!  Bring on the pressure!  Shine a light on what they’re doing and pray we never go back to the distracted nonchalance that got us where we are.

With the “Six by Twelve” same-sex marriage strategy the opposition is pushing right now they’re on relentless overdrive.  We’re going to be putting out spot fires all the way up until the next election.   Personally, I’ve dropped some of my outside activities for the foreseeable future while this rash of attacks on marriage play out.  I’ve got a family too, but if families don’t fight who will?  Several times this last month I’ve dropped everything to write or call or do what needed to be done.  That’s a part of my new reality.

I’ve even got a new section in my household budget for donating to pro family organizations.  What are they going to do?  Throw rocks?  We can’t have our guys out there running in the red, they need tools to fight with, and that costs money.  If families don’t fund them who will?

We can’t afford to be content with being the wii generation, we’ve got to become the WE generation.  It’s just got to be done, and WE can do it!

It’s like washing the dishes or making the dinner.  Put on the helmet, tighten your belt, change your expectations and incorporate this war into your lifestyle.  It’s not going away anytime soon.

—Beetle Blogger

“I Support Marriage” DNA Graphics Contest!

These graphics are some of the best we’ve seen yet!

Find your Favorite and then:



“Voice of the Nation” Debuts Thursday


Hey guys, we’re starting something new at the DNA.  We’re partnering with UFI to start a radio show for family issues on blog talk radio.  It’s going to be called Voice of the Nation.  Drew Conrad and I are hosting it.  It’s going to be a great tool for furthering Marriage, Life, Family and Freedom.

Here’s the blurb for this week’s show….it’s going to start this Thursday at 2:00 PST.  Come Join in!  I’ll be there!

—Beetle Blogger

Voice of the Nationvoice_of_the_nation_badge_195px

United Families International (UFI) and the Digital Network Army (DNA) are pleased to announce the new BlogTalkRadio show: Voice Of The Nation, on Family Values Blog Talk Radio. Voice Of The Nation will be hosted by UFI Media Director, Drew Conrad and DNA Director, Angela Rockwood. The on-line talk radio show will highlight current Family Values news and discusses the logic behind the Pro-Family Movement.

The inaugural show will be on Thursday, March 19, 2009 at 2:00 PST. Voice Of The Nation will discuss same-sex marriage initiatives that are taking root across the country as well as summarize the recent happenings regarding the assault on the family at the UN.

UFI International Policy Director, Laura Knaperek, who was one of several UFI representatives at the UN during CSW, will be a guest on the show. Prior to joining UFI, Mrs. Knaperek served in the Arizona State Legislature for ten years. During her tenure as a State Representative, she established herself as an advocate for children, families and the disabled.



California Rally This Tuesday!


Rally in Sacramento!  Protect the Vote!

The Digital Network Army, United Families International and Capital Resource Institute are joining forces this Tuesday to rally for families at the Capitol Building in Sacramento.  Both state houses are drafting official resolutions condemning the passage of Proposition 8 and urging the Supreme Court to overturn the will of the people AGAIN.

Two statewide elections with the majority voices of millions were not loud enough to turn the heads of our representatives in Sacramento, so we’re bringing the voice of the people to Sacramento.  Come Rally with us for Marriage and Families!  Help remind the Senators and Assemblymen that we are watching…because there’s nothing more important to our nation than its families.

Protect Marriage!  Protect Families!  Protect Democracy!

If our representatives are going to turn their backs on the people who voted for them, let them do it to our faces in the light of the cameras, not in a silent corner.

—Beetle Blogger

Here is the latest update from the DNA:


Ok, so the most recent word is that the opposition is going to be busing people in from San Francisco for the hearings so seating at the actual hearing may be limited, come early. If you have kids, bring water bottles and a few snacks, comfortable shoes. Security is tight there, so remember, no pocket knives etc.

If we have more people come to the hearing than we can fit in the room, we’ll hold a concurrent rally outside the capitol building with a petition signing.  No body will be wasted!  Kids and families are welcome!  Come and be heard!  Wear your yellow shirt if you like!  If it rains, bring an umbrella, we’ll rally in the hallways!

Proposition 8 Hearings will be held in these rooms:

HR 5
Tuesday, February 17
State Capitol
Room 4202

SR 7
Tuesday, February 17
State Capitol
Room 4203

More Information Here

DOMA Buttons!


DOMA Button Graphic Arts Contest

The DNA is having a graphic contest to support the Defense of Marriage Act! Create a picture/graphic to support the DOMA and win a prize (or at least a small amount of fame and respect).

The purpose is to get a collection of graphics we can spread around to post as profile pics on facebook, post on blogs, etc. All of it whipping up a storm of information and attention for the DOMA.

The best videos and graphics will be highlighted on the DNA website!

Free!  Take!  Create!  Spread the word on DOMA!

As my contribution, I’m posting copies of all the DOMA button submissions so far…some good ones here!  They are free to take and use but not to modify.  They are Creative Commons Licensed by the DNA, but we have permission to use them wherever we want.  Make a statement on facebook or your blog!

If you have one you’d like to add, send me a comment with a link!

–Beetle Blogger







Marriage Boot Camp–Arming the New Media

armyWelcome to The Army Soldier!

Proposition 8 touched off the beginnings of the marriage defense network through the DNA, a resource sorely needed in today’s media era where the mainstream media holds such bias against traditional family and values.

The DNA teaches you how to support traditional marriage through blogging, Facebooking, contacting legislators, talking with neighbors, and writing letters to the editor for your local newspapers.  When there’s an issue that needs immediate support, the DNA responds.

Whether you’ve got 30 minutes or four hours each day to be an activist, every effort can help make a difference.

The opposition is also gathering it’s troops and training them to be activists in the new media.  Boot Camp type trainings like these are happening in states all across the nation from Hawaii to New York as gay activists ramp up their efforts to bring down marriage.  See this from the L.A. Times yesterday:

Proposition 8 foes hold gay marriage boot camps

Determined to avoid the mistakes of their last, losing campaign for gay marriage, gay rights activists are launching the first of what they hope will be many “marriage equality training camps” in Los Angeles this weekend.

The idea is to train activists in “the practical, hands-on skills to organize in their communities to restore marriage equality for same-sex couples to California.”

“The Camp Courage training, inspired by ‘Camp Obama,’ is based on grassroots organizing models that have developed leaders and nurtured progressive social movements for many years, including the fundamentals of community organizing; volunteer recruitment and management; voter persuasion and more,” according to a statement.

The opposition is a small minority, but they are organized and vocal, and they have the mainstream media pushing their rhetoric daily.

The birth of the internet has changed so many things, it’s exploding with information, alternate news sources, groups and networks that allow people from all over to communicate and organize.  Marriage is under attack as never before, but the tools are out there to organize our defenses.

What Can You Do?

You can do as much or as little as you have time for. It is through the work of hundreds and thousands of us that information is spread and our voices are heard.

To get you started with the Digital Network Army (DNA):

Step 1 – Sign up for a new email address. You will need an email address that has no connection to your family or any facet of your life (for instance, don’t use There are many forces working to destroy the family and as the 2008 Proposition 8 Election in California showed, anonymity is best when working online. We suggest a Google email account, so that you can join the DNA group online.

Step 2 – Sign up with the DNA here. Once you sign up with the DNA, you will get email updates with links to the latest news articles, videos, blog posts and other online information regarding the battle for families and morality.  When you sign up, you will be able to choose the frequency of the emails: daily, weekly, etc.

Step 3 – Read, learn and educate yourself on the current issues. Start with The Kingfisher Column and the blogs listed there, or click on DNA Current Issues.

Step 4 – Make your voice heard. As you have time, comment on the blog posts, videos and articles that are listed on The Kingfisher Column, the related blogs and any relevant articles you read.  Comments help to convey establishment and build rapport, encouraging blog-reader growth.  This is your opportunity to speak out and unite your voice with countless others who share our common beliefs in marriage and family online.  Your comments can be simple expressions of support. Every little effort helps.

*Use your new email address always and do not share any personal information that could lead the opposition back to you.

Step 5 – Let us know. When you find new information about the battle for family values (it could be a news article, a blog post or a video), send it to the DNA or to the Kingfisher Column.

Step 6 – Pass it on. When you read something important to the discussion, let your friends, family and co-workers that share your same beliefs know about it. Email them and let them know about the DNA and resources such as the Kingfisher Column so that they can enlist in the battle as well.

Advanced Steps

Step 7 – Join the Facebook group for the DNA here (you will need a Facebook account).

Step 8 – Start your own blog. Write about families, marriage, and moral values. We suggest using either WordPress or Blogger. They are both free and easy to use. Use your new email address to register.  It’s OK to report, summarize and rephrase articles and posts that you like from other bloggers and sites such as Kingfisher. If you want help or tips, just ask!

Step 9 – Write to your elected representatives in support of marriage. All across the country, legislation is being considered to either strengthen or redefine marriage and your voice can carry weight with your senator or congressman.

Small efforts can collectively make a huge difference if we’re organized.  The opposition is organizing, and so are we.  Join us! —Beetle Blogger

Digital Network Army – “Truthfilled. Respectful. Relentless.”


Opposition Gearing Up for Battle

by Jef Poskanzer

by Jef Poskanzer

Instead of feeling defeated, gay rights activists in Hawaii say they are energized by a high-profile vote ending same-sex marriage in California.

Advocates energized despite political loss

A new group formed in Hawaii after the passage of Proposition 8 in California says it is focused on passing bills this year allowing civil unions and same-sex marriage here.

“We need to turn the momentum now,” said California activist Cleve Jones, who is here to train Hawaii supporters of gay marriage.

Jones was brought to Hawaii by Local 5, UNITE HERE’s state affiliate, to conduct leadership training for local activists.

Jones said Hawaii activists must work with unions to form grass-roots coalitions, and encourage online activism on social networking Web sites like Facebook.

“We need to turn the momentum now. It is against us,” Jones said. “We are not a subculture, we are a community. We are not a market, we are a movement.”


Just in case you were reaching for your snoozy pillow thinking the marriage emergency was over…think again.  The opposition is using this time to train, recruit volunteers and gear up for the next section of the campaign against marriage.

Have you heard of the new marriage fronts in Connecticut? Vermont?  New York?  New Hampshire? Maine? Activists for the opposition are working overtime to counter their losses in California, Florida and Arizona.

Grab your hat and your boots!  The people have spoken, now we have to defend that voice! Break free of your comfort zones for the sake of your freedom, your families and your children, there is no better reason for joining the ranks of the DNA than that.

Beetle Blogger is a proud member of the Digital Network Army. Go!  Write!  Blog!  Email!  Be educated and then educate others around you.  The fight isn’t over, it’s just beginning.  Come Join Us!

—Beetle Blogger

Digital Network Army – “Truthfilled. Respectful. Relentless.”


Digital Network Army — “Truthfilled. Respectful. Relentless.”


Beetle Blogger Joins the DNA!

“It is clear that the social networks online are powerful tools for whichever side can utilize them best.  It’s a digital war, and to win we need to tap into our digital resources. Currently, our views are woefully outnumbered and squelched online.  No one can even see proponent posts without digging because our opponents have squashed then through their sheer numbers and vocal (if not abrasive) comments and reactions.  We need to enter the fray en masse to allow the truth to be heard.  My goal is to prepare our digital volunteers to be honest, respectful, loving, relentless, and pro-traditional marriage rather than anti-gay. “
—DNA Team Captain

Welcome to the Digital Network Army!

Together we can make a crucial difference in how the public views marriage and family issues. We have the potential to become what may be the difference between winning and losing the marriage battle in our country.

Here’s how our system works: Each participant pledges to spend at least 20 to 30 minutes each day working for the DNA. An assignment will be issued from your Team Captain each day via email. A portion of your time will be spent visiting and promoting the assigned posts and videos that support our cause en masse.  As we join together, these key posts will rise to the top where the public will readily see them. The rest of your time will be reserved for visiting your own choice of blogs/networks and making a positive difference.

Why is this important? Because currently our opponents are far more active, numerous, and outspoken online. Their sheer numbers are squashing our viewpoints, removing any ally opinions to forgotten regions where no one will ever discover them unless they dig for them.

We must collectively be relentless. We will be successful, but only if we first educate ourselves on the issues and remain honest, respectful, loving, and pro-traditional marriage rather than anti-gay.

These are not easy goals amidst the fury of the online debate — but please demand nothing less of yourself. There is no reason to let our opponents lower our standards for us. Ignore expletive tangents, respond only to the issues, and retain a tough layer of skin.

As you begin, please secure your personal information online. You may want to take off any reference to your phone number or address (or other personal information – maybe your name or business name) from your own blog and other blogs/social sites. It is up to you how secure you want to be.

Lastly, take courage! We are taking off on an adventure together! We are not alone. This really is a war. Let’s make some serious dents in our opponents’ effectiveness online and have tales of courage, stamina, and strength to share with our progeny.

Truthfilled. Respectful. Relentless. We can make the difference.

Thank you for joining our team.


DNA Team Captain


Digital Network Army – “Truthfilled. Respectful. Relentless.”

DNA—the Grass Roots Speak


Digital Network Army

The Grass Roots Speak

Have you seen the new DNA logo Beetle Blogger is sporting today?  What is the DNA?  I’d heard about the Digital Network Army through my work with Proposition 8 in California, their email network was on fire and played a big role in getting information out throughout the state, organizing people and keeping people informed.  After the election, activity died down a bit on the DNA Network, but recently it’s made a new appearance.

I was able to get in contact with the DNA Team Captain and in my first exclusive interview, he was able to answer a few questions for me.

Beetle Blogger: So, what is the DNA exactly?  What do you do?  What is your “Mission”?

DNA Captain: The DNA is an organization of regular people, who are dedicated to preserving traditional family values.  The purpose of the DNA is to organize, or focus the voice of the people so it can be heard.  Alone one voice can get lost in the fray, but many voices speaking out on family issues in a focused way makes them more powerful.  We believe it’s important that the voice of the people be heard by policy makers and voters.

Beetle Blogger:
And you’re not really particularly religious or political are you?

DNA Captain:
Right, we’ve got members from all walks of life, all political persuasions, college alumni, concerned mothers, lawyers, famous people, regular joes, plumbers, people with money, people without money….just basically people who are alarmed about the changes they see happening in the social fabric of the country and want to make a difference.  We have a small army of writers, strategists, thinkers and philosophers.  The common thread is that they’re all people who believe in traditional morals and family and who are willing to get out and do rather than watch.  That’s our power.

Beetle Blogger:
I know you have an email network and you basically email chain news and information around the network, but how effective is that?

DNA Captain:
Well, it’s very effective.  They call the internet the new media because it takes power away from the traditional media and allows the common people to band together for causes.  We don’t have to wait to be spoon fed the opinion of the editors at CNN or FOX if we don’t want to.  We can go look it up on Drudge or many other places that are popping up.

We’ve got four areas we really focus on:

1. We disseminate news stories–This is our main focus, we are like a homespun version of the Associated Press.  When there are stories out there like the Scott Eckern story, or the El Coyote story that are not getting widespread press from the mainstream media, we need to have means to push those stories into the local media outlets, and from there the big guys may pick it up by force of pressure.  Our group heard about Scott Eckern being pressured to resign even before he resigned.  The DNA helped further a letter campaign in the 12 hours before his actual resignation, and after the resignation we published the information far and wide, submitting news tips to every major media outlet and even local media outlets.  Drudge got tips from several of our members and what started out as a very small story is now widely known.  Had it been a gay man forced to resign, the media would have spread it and made it national news by themselves, but when a story doesn’t fit their templates, the stories just don’t get reported.   We’re helping to change that.

2. We help get the message out so people can be educated on the core issues–with proposition 8, there was a major push by the opposition to conceal the arguments and issues, behind names like bigotry and hatred.  Our effort is to be solidly informed on both sides of the marriage issue and then to get the message out. Now that proposition 8 is over, it’s becoming clear that the battle has merely moved from one state to the others.  This information needs to be spread throughout the country.  If you watch the mainstream media, you get the impression that the only reason to oppose the redefinition of family is based on bigotry, ignorance and hate.  That is an untruth that does the entire country a disservice, yet the media continues to put that idea forward and unless people scratch the surface of the issue themselves, they might never know the true issues at stake here.  Many of our members are actively involved in writing letters to editors, publishing blog articles and spreading news stories on the fight for marriage and family that illustrate the consequences happening in our community from the attack on marriage and family.

3. We help people to coordinate their voices: because we’re all networked together, we can coordinate our efforts to make sure that newspapers and local news outlets have access to our voices.  Our army writes editorials and opinion pieces to keep our pro-family agenda in the public eye.

4. We are able to contact the army quickly!  We remain closely connected via email so the instant something happens, the information goes out immediately.

Beetle Blogger: Were you behind the CTA Tuesday sick-out/letter writing campaign?

DNA Captain: Well, not really, but we contributed our part by relaying the information through the network, we didn’t start the idea for the actual sick-out.  We spread the information that the California Teacher’s Association was using teacher funds to attack the family and that information went out like wildfire especially through parent circles.  A lot of teachers had no idea that their union had voted to spend millions of dollars to fight proposition 8 and 4, both family friendly issues, and the reaction instantly created a furor among both teachers and parents.  The backlash of that furor manifested itself in the sick-out effort and the letter writing campaign.  The idea was that if the schools became hostile to families and traditional values, the families would be forced to move their children to private or home school situations, which would take money from the school system.  The frustration out there was from the image of the schools fighting families.  The details on the sick-out came from the grass roots somewhere, but once one of our members picked it up and blasted it through the DNA network, it went like wildfire.  In the course of 24 hours news of the sick-out had made it to families all across the state.   It is an example of the power these types of networks can have.  We don’t have exact numbers, but we know of hundreds of students and parents who wrote letters to their teachers in protest of the CTA’s effort to undermine the family.

Beetle Blogger: So I guess that leads into my next question, how big is the DNA?

DNA Captain: We started out with just a handful of dedicated people, but within the first two months we’d grown to 400 members.  Now the membership has extended beyond the borders of California and we’re aiming at becoming a national organization. We decided after the election to initially end the DNA project, but watching the news and seeing the havoc and outrage out there, we realized that it had become a national issue and that there was a need for an organization like this out in the heartland.  So, we restructured, added some additional leadership and now we’re back with force and continuing to spread.

You know, the tide is turning out there against gay marriage, but the message has to get out.  If you watch the old media you don’t get a clear picture of the detrimental influence the re-definition of marriage can have on families and society.  Basic freedoms are at stake when you talk about creating a gay protected class because it crosses the morality line.  If people acting immorally is taught as moral and equal, that has a lot of consequences.  Now the DNA is not only about marriage, education and freedom, but it is the main focus right now of our organization.  As California goes, so goes the nation and so goes the world.  We can’t afford to let misinformation color the voters of this nation with ignorance.

That’s basically the message and the purpose of the DNA, to get the message out there so people can see both sides of the issues and make an informed choice.

Beetle Blogger: Now, your name isn’t really DNA Captain right?  Who are you really?

DNA Captain: I actually think that’s one of the genius aspects of this network, we encourage anonymity to protect individuals who may be subject to intimidation or danger.  No one has to give out names or personal information if they don’t want to, in fact many of our members create new email addresses completely separate from their normal family addresses in order to participate. This is a heated issue and we each want the ability to act and speak freely without worrying about our safety.  We’ve seen what the other side does to supporters of traditional marriage, so we set ourselves up this way for protection. The reason I don’t personally identify myself is first for privacy concerns, and second to add stability to the group.  We actually have several people who have served in the DNA Captain capacity, so it’s easier to have a title associated with the DNA rather than a specific name.

Beetle Blogger: How do people find out more information or join the DNA?

DNA Captain: We encourage volunteers, professionals, parent groups, friends and family to participate.  Have them go directly to our website located at or email directly to request admission.  Truthfilled. Respectful. Relentless. We can make the difference.