Iowa Next?

The good folks of Iowa had their marriage law turned upside down by a handful of activist judges in 2009.  That one sided and ill constructed decision has the power to single handedly change the  landscape in Iowa as Iowans seek to restore the status of the family in their state.   Amending the Iowan Constitution is the single best legal and legislative option for a reversal and the sooner the better.

Iowa activists want gay marriage on agenda

“Hurley said members of his group will attend (Governor) Culver’s annual Condition of the State speech on Jan. 12 to mark a “two days for marriage” initiative pushing to overturn the court’s decision.

Culver has said he favors marriage as being between one woman and one man but that he won’t support a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage. Democrats control both legislative chambers and argue that the state’s budget crunch has forced them to shorten the upcoming session, leaving no time for a debate over marriage.

Amending the Iowa Constitution is a long process requiring approval in two consecutive general assemblies and a statewide vote. If lawmakers this year don’t act on the issue, the soonest it could be on the ballot would be the general election of 2014.”


Governor Culver and a few leaders in the democrat controlled State House and Senate have started lining up against marriage and families, but with current political events, perhaps they need to rethink their position.

If marriage can win handily in liberal bastions like California, Maine, New York and New Jersey… what does Iowa have to fear?  The governor there could put up a formidable veto, but at what political cost to him and his party?

Gay activists have not been able to make a convincing case to the people.  Relying heavily on intimidation and force, their faulty rhetoric fails every time when brought honestly to the arena of ideas.  The heat is on nationally, and every eye seems to be turned to the next state in the lineup against marriage.  If politicians think this isn’t going to have an effect on their careers they are not paying attention.

In the past pro-family candidates may have been able to rely on the public’s good natured amnesia and willingness to turn the other cheek when they strayed from pro-family support, but no more.  The field has changed and the stakes are high.  The consequences are becoming more evident for those who support family in name only.  It is no secret that every time the choice has come to the people, families have prevailed.

Marriage is worth the fight.  Bring the issue to the people.

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Iowa Alert on HJR6

April 8, 2009

Dear Friend,
Following the Iowa Supreme Court’s unanimous ruling Friday that overturned state law protecting marriage as between a man and a woman, organizations across the country are urging ALL citizens to contact Iowa lawmakers. The Iowa House DOES have the ability to protect marriage by passing House Joint Resolution 6 (HJR 6), known as the Iowa Marriage Amendment.
HJR 6 is the first step toward giving Iowans the chance to vote to protect marriage, in response to the Supreme Court’s same-sex marriage ruling.
In order to debate HJR 6, the House must force it out of committee with a procedural vote. The House Republicans are prepared to initiate this procedural vote, but to pass it they need your help!

Take Action
Please contact the House Democrats listed below, and ask them to vote to bring HJR 6 out of committee. These legislators have indicated they support traditional marriage and therefore, they SHOULD vote to bring the IMA out of committee.

Rep. Brian Quirk – , 515.242.6436
Rep. Mike Reasoner – , 515.281.3238
Rep. Kurt Swaim – , 515.242.6417
Rep. Larry Marek – , 515.242.6442
Rep. Kerry Burt – , 515.281.7342
Rep. Wayne Ford – , 515.281.4061
Rep. Nathan Reichert – , 515.281.7332
Rep. Paul Shomshor – , 515.281.7325
Rep. Phyllis Thede – , 515.281.7336

Ron Prentice
Chairman – Yes on 8

Iowa Supreme Court Tears Down Marriage| Support HJR 6

iowa supreme court nueters marriageThe Judicial Arm at Work Again

The Iowa supreme court has inserted a sexual orientation requirement into marriage, where there wasn’t one before.

Of course, even though marriage is a social contract, no one wants to let the people vote to decide how their society is organized.

See this from Brian Brown at NOM:

“Injustice has been served today. The gay marriage movement today once again used the courts to push an untruth on unwilling Iowans: Same-sex unions are not marriages and Iowans should not be forced to treat them as such.”

“The majority of courts as well as the majority of Americans have rejected the arguments the Iowa judges imposed.” There is no more a constitutional right to gay marriage than there is a constitutional right to have your cat called a dog, because after all they are both small furry animals with four legs and a tail.”

Reading the decision is like watching another bit of the fabric of our civilization unravel:

Why do same-sex couples need marriage?  “The inability to obtain for themselves and for their children the personal and public affirmation that accompanies marriage.” Translation: “Iowans don’t think two guys pledging to a homosexual union are a marriage. So we, the guys with the fancy law school degrees and the black robes, the ones who know better than ignorant you, are going to give same-sex relationships the public affirmation the public hasn’t.”

The most heartbreaking sentence however is Footnote 26.

In Footnote 26 these justices conclude: “The traditional notion that children need a mother and a father to be raised into healthy, well-adjusted adults is based more on stereotype than anything else.”

Justices? Injustices. I hate being right about something so sad: but gay marriage really is about rejecting the natural family, the importance of bringing together the two creators of the child, the mom and the dad, to raise their baby in love together. The Iowa court ruling once again makes that connection crystal clear.

Read it and weep.

Or if you are like me, read it and rise up to fight for the truth!  Fight for justice for our children, fight for love of the core values of our own (and any decent) civilization.

Rep. Steven King in Iowa has issued a stinging rebuke to this court and a stirring call to the Iowa Democratic leaders to permit the people of Iowa to decide the future of marriage. We’ll be partnering with him and other Iowans to urge the legislature to act now to reverse this injustice.

The battle ahead is immense. This is one of the legislatures “flipped” by gay billionaire Tim Gill–exactly in anticipation of this moment. If I have your support, I know the fight is worth it!

Can you help us at this critical time by giving $50, $500, or even, if God has given you the means, $5,000 to support marriage? Can you afford to pledge even $1 a month to support marriage?

“Unlike the people of California, the people of Iowa have no direct way to get this issue on the ballot so that they can take marriage back from the courts,” notes Maggie Gallagher, president of NOM. “Once again the most undemocratic branch of government is being used to advance an agenda the majority of Americans reject. Marriage means a husband and wife. That’s not discrimination, that’s common sense.”

“Even in states like Vermont where they are pushing this issue through legislatures, gay marriage advocates are totally unwilling to let the people decide these issues directly,” agreed Brown. “They’ve just about run out of courts willing to radically redefine marriage. The next step for gay marriage advocates will be to use these new laws to push Congress to overturn the federal Defense of Marriage Act, and then use the federal courts to impose gay marriage on all 50 states.” –Brian Brown, NOM

Articles to read:

UFI: Iowa Supreme Court: Same-Sex Marriage Ban Is Unconstitutional

Americans For Truth: Iowa Same-Sex ‘Marriage’ Ruling an Assault on Midwestern Values, Says AFTAH’s LaBarbera

Kingfisher: Iowa Supreme Court

What you can do:

Support HJR 6: The Iowa Marriage Amendment

Go here

Email the link to your friends in Iowa.


photo by nrbelex

Success! Defenders Holding the Line against Same-Sex “Marriage”—Activists Discouraged By Week’s Events


News from the Trenches Good as Citizens Rally Against Nationwide Assault on Marriage:

The gay activists’ stated “6 by 12” strategy has hit major roadblocks this week as citizens rallied nationwide to protect marriage.  In state after state, efforts to marginalize marriage lost steam and in some states, the issue seems to have reached critical mass.  Thank you to the People!

Vermont: Same-sex “Marriage” Legislation (S.115) faces Veto:

Governor Jim Douglas (R) has said he would veto any ssm bills that come to his desk.  Opposition to the anti-marriage legislation has been stiff and proponents are no longer sure they have the votes to override the promised veto.  Thank You Jim!

New Hampshire: Same-sex “Marriage” Legislation (HB 436) faces Veto:

In New Hampshire, Democrat leaders were shocked by the degree and intensity of public outcry.  Their slam dunk has turned into a hard-fought battle such that the Democratic governor of the state, John Lynch, has promised to veto the bill, and along with Vermont’s governor is urging legislators to get back to the people’s business.

Maine: Same-sex “Marriage” Legislation Coming Up:

In Maine, a bill to legalize gay marriage has nearly 60 co-sponsors in the Legislature. Gov. John Baldacci, who opposes gay marriage, says he hasn’t taken a position on the measure.

Hawaii: Civil Union Law (HB 444) Stalled Indefinitely:

The bill that threatened to legalize civil unions in Hawaii is stuck in the Senate Committee and appears to be dead after committee members voted this week against sending it to the Senate floor for a vote.  After weeks of protests and outcry from the citizens of Hawaii in support of traditional marriage, the votes in the legislature dwindled and supporters of the bill say there is not enough momentum for it to pass. Read the story here.

Iowa: Waiting for the State Supreme Court:

Iowans are anxiously awaiting the decision of their State Supreme Court on the marriage issue.  Stay tuned on this one.  The decision could come any day.

California: Opposition Taking Aim at Prop 8:

As Californians wait for the official decision of the State Supreme Court on the constitutionality of proposition 8,  two proposed amendments have been filed to try to overturn Prop 8.  One proposes to actually abolish marriage itself. Meanwhile TWO California polls show increasing support for proposition 8 and traditional marriage.  Gay activists have vilified, persecuted, and threatened marriage supporters, and the newest polls are reflecting the public’s response:

Pestered Prop 8 Donors File Suit
Washington Times
March 23, 2009

“Anybody who’s in California knows that it’s very widespread,” said Brian Brown, executive director of the National Organization for Marriage, one of the biggest contributors to Proposition 8 and a joint plaintiff in the lawsuit. “Every donor has a story. I talked to a $100 donor the other day who had a note in his mailbox that said, ‘I know where you live and you’re going to pay.’

“These are just hardworking people who believe marriage is a union of a man and a woman and who never expected to be threatened in their homes,” Mr. Brown said. Read More >>

Marriage is a unique bond between a husband and wife. No politician or judge should try to interfere in that union, and no intimidation tactics will sway us.  Our children, grandchildren and families depend on the stability of Marriage.  This is the fight of our generation.

The outlook is looking up this week thanks to the voices of thousands who called their reps, phoned, blogged, wrote letters and rallied in their states!  Thank you all!  The outpouring has been tremendous.  There are still many battles coming up, including the fight to protect the DOMA, a national law supporting families that Obama has said he will try to repeal.

I read recently on a popular opposition blog that they just can’t understand where we got all the support so quickly……

Where Did Everybody Go?
Pam’s House Blend
March 21, 2009

We’re holding our third Action Fair tomorrow, the first in Central Jersey. The turnout for the first two was respectable. Having at least 50 participants at the second gathering, this early in the game, I considered a “success”. Yet after receiving updates on Maggie Gallagher’s efforts from the National Organization for Marriage headquartered in Princeton, it appears that the opposition, once again, is more organized and has recently motivated their supporters to call their legislators every day.

We’re out there and we’re making a difference!  Keep up the good fight! Don’t forget to support the groups who are out there fighting the good fight in the states under siege.  Pro-Family groups will be running ads in the hardest hit states this next week to support marriage and continue the momentum.  Every little bit helps! They can’t do it without us!

—Beetle Blogger