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This photograph was in my email this morning.  It’s titled “The real pot at the end of the rainbow?”

It just got me to thinking about Governor Lynch and his promises.

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NOM Condemns the Passage of Same-Sex Marriage in New Hampshire –
Group Pledges to Make Gay Marriage Key Issue in 2010 State Election

(Concord, NH) – The National Organization for Marriage (NOM) today condemned the New Hampshire Legislature and Governor John Lynch for breaking their promises to voters by passing same-sex marriage legislation in the state. NOM pledged to make gay marriage a key issue in the 2010 elections in New Hampshire.

“Governor Lynch and a narrow majority of the Legislature today have ripped a significant hole in the fabric of New Hampshire society by passing same-sex marriage legislation,” said Brian Brown, executive director of NOM. “The institution of marriage has served our country well since its founding. The vote of the legislature sends New Hampshire into dangerous waters. It will not be long before young children are taught in New Hampshire schools that they can marry someone of the same sex if they wish – that gay marriage is just as good as marriage.”

New Hampshire does not allow voters to decide controversial issues via a referendum or initiative, so the action of the legislature and governor cannot be overturned directly by voters.

“Thirty states in the country have voted on the marriage issue, and all thirty have decided that marriage should be between a man and a woman,” Brown said. “It is unfortunate that New Hampshire voters are being denied the right to decide this question themselves. We have no doubt that if voters could decide, they would vote to overturn gay marriage and restore the historic definition of marriage.”

While no binding statewide referendum is possible in New Hampshire, voters can cast ballots on nonbinding local referenda. “We intend to put this issue on the ballot on municipal elections across the state of New Hampshire,” Brown promised. “We want people to be able to express their views directly, even if it is nonbinding. We also intend to make the gay marriage issue the key issue of the 2010 state elections in New Hampshire. Legislators must be held accountable for their votes. And if Governor Lynch decides to seek another term, you can be certain that he will have to answer to voters over why he broke his word on this issue, despite repeated promises over the years that he did not support gay marriage.”

“Overall, this is a sad day for families and a sorry performance by the elected leadership of New Hampshire,” Brown said.

New Hampshire House rejects Religious Amendment to Marriage Bill: Will Gov. Lynch Veto?

Last week, Gov. Lynch said he’d sign a same-gender “marriage” bill if the legislature passed a religious-protection amendment to the bill. The religious amendment was problematic for several reasons. Mainly its protection was flimsy by definition (a court could easily overrule it at some point down the road). Second, it didn’t protect commercial businesses from refusing to provide services because of their own conscience or religious beliefs.

Update From CPR Action:

First, Senate Passes Gay Marriage
Then House Defeats Gay Marriage

CPR-Action Executive Director, Kevin Smith, issued the following statement to the press following the votes:

"We are pleased that common sense prevailed in the House today by not concurring with the Governor and Senate’s amendment.  We are hopeful that the Legislature, having seen there is clearly a divide amongst themselves on this issue, will finally put this to bed by not-concurring in the committee of conference and will instead get on with the issue the people care most about in this state: the economy."

Smith added, "The Governor stated last week that will veto the gay marriage legislation if it did not contain the language he asked for.  Today, the Governor’s amendment was defeated, so we are hopeful he will stay true to his word this time, by vetoing any other language that comes to his desk."

So now the bill goes back to committee. New Hampshire! Keep contacting your reps!

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All Eyes on Gov Lynch

New Hampshire’s Governor Lynch has until Tuesday to decide.  Will he defend the family and veto?  Or bow to political pressure?

Success! Defenders Holding the Line against Same-Sex “Marriage”—Activists Discouraged By Week’s Events


News from the Trenches Good as Citizens Rally Against Nationwide Assault on Marriage:

The gay activists’ stated “6 by 12” strategy has hit major roadblocks this week as citizens rallied nationwide to protect marriage.  In state after state, efforts to marginalize marriage lost steam and in some states, the issue seems to have reached critical mass.  Thank you to the People!

Vermont: Same-sex “Marriage” Legislation (S.115) faces Veto:

Governor Jim Douglas (R) has said he would veto any ssm bills that come to his desk.  Opposition to the anti-marriage legislation has been stiff and proponents are no longer sure they have the votes to override the promised veto.  Thank You Jim!

New Hampshire: Same-sex “Marriage” Legislation (HB 436) faces Veto:

In New Hampshire, Democrat leaders were shocked by the degree and intensity of public outcry.  Their slam dunk has turned into a hard-fought battle such that the Democratic governor of the state, John Lynch, has promised to veto the bill, and along with Vermont’s governor is urging legislators to get back to the people’s business.

Maine: Same-sex “Marriage” Legislation Coming Up:

In Maine, a bill to legalize gay marriage has nearly 60 co-sponsors in the Legislature. Gov. John Baldacci, who opposes gay marriage, says he hasn’t taken a position on the measure.

Hawaii: Civil Union Law (HB 444) Stalled Indefinitely:

The bill that threatened to legalize civil unions in Hawaii is stuck in the Senate Committee and appears to be dead after committee members voted this week against sending it to the Senate floor for a vote.  After weeks of protests and outcry from the citizens of Hawaii in support of traditional marriage, the votes in the legislature dwindled and supporters of the bill say there is not enough momentum for it to pass. Read the story here.

Iowa: Waiting for the State Supreme Court:

Iowans are anxiously awaiting the decision of their State Supreme Court on the marriage issue.  Stay tuned on this one.  The decision could come any day.

California: Opposition Taking Aim at Prop 8:

As Californians wait for the official decision of the State Supreme Court on the constitutionality of proposition 8,  two proposed amendments have been filed to try to overturn Prop 8.  One proposes to actually abolish marriage itself. Meanwhile TWO California polls show increasing support for proposition 8 and traditional marriage.  Gay activists have vilified, persecuted, and threatened marriage supporters, and the newest polls are reflecting the public’s response:

Pestered Prop 8 Donors File Suit
Washington Times
March 23, 2009

“Anybody who’s in California knows that it’s very widespread,” said Brian Brown, executive director of the National Organization for Marriage, one of the biggest contributors to Proposition 8 and a joint plaintiff in the lawsuit. “Every donor has a story. I talked to a $100 donor the other day who had a note in his mailbox that said, ‘I know where you live and you’re going to pay.’

“These are just hardworking people who believe marriage is a union of a man and a woman and who never expected to be threatened in their homes,” Mr. Brown said. Read More >>

Marriage is a unique bond between a husband and wife. No politician or judge should try to interfere in that union, and no intimidation tactics will sway us.  Our children, grandchildren and families depend on the stability of Marriage.  This is the fight of our generation.

The outlook is looking up this week thanks to the voices of thousands who called their reps, phoned, blogged, wrote letters and rallied in their states!  Thank you all!  The outpouring has been tremendous.  There are still many battles coming up, including the fight to protect the DOMA, a national law supporting families that Obama has said he will try to repeal.

I read recently on a popular opposition blog that they just can’t understand where we got all the support so quickly……

Where Did Everybody Go?
Pam’s House Blend
March 21, 2009

We’re holding our third Action Fair tomorrow, the first in Central Jersey. The turnout for the first two was respectable. Having at least 50 participants at the second gathering, this early in the game, I considered a “success”. Yet after receiving updates on Maggie Gallagher’s efforts from the National Organization for Marriage headquartered in Princeton, it appears that the opposition, once again, is more organized and has recently motivated their supporters to call their legislators every day.

We’re out there and we’re making a difference!  Keep up the good fight! Don’t forget to support the groups who are out there fighting the good fight in the states under siege.  Pro-Family groups will be running ads in the hardest hit states this next week to support marriage and continue the momentum.  Every little bit helps! They can’t do it without us!

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Holding for Families Against the Tide in the North East


North East States and Families Under Siege

The battle is getting heavy in the North East States, but in Vermont it has been especially tough the last few weeks.  The VT Senate has already approved legislation that would make same-sex “marriage” legal in Vermont.  The House is expected to also pass this legislation, some think by the end of the week.

The opposition to marriage has come heavily from out of state as SSMers try to win back the inevitability they lost in the 2008 elections when millions stood up in defense of families.

Their goals are openly stated in their “Six by 12” strategy as reported in the Washington Times:

“Gay and Lesbian Advocates and Defenders, known as GLAD, has launched a first-of-its-kind regional campaign aimed at winning approval for same-sex marriage in the six-state New England region by 2012.

Same-sex marriage is already legal in Connecticut and Massachusetts, a result of court decisions in cases brought by GLAD lawyers. The 2003 Massachusetts decision was the first in the nation, while the Connecticut ruling went into effect Nov. 12.

“We can make New England a marriage-equality zone by strategically combining existing legal, electoral and on-the-ground know-how to fast-track marriage in every New England state,” GLAD Executive Director Lee Swislow said.

“By 2012, we not only can have marriage equality throughout New England, we can have a road map for the rest of the country,” she said. —Washington Times

Six states by 2012.  That’s the stated goal, and already they are making headway.  Today in New Hampshire, the House voted to REJECT same-sex marriage legislation there.  They voted 183-182 in favor of families!  Moments later, they called a vote to reconsider and pressured three  legislators into flipping their votes.  We lost in NH today because of those three votes.

3 votes!  It came down to 3 votes!  The power of each individual in this fight is enormous.  Contrast those who couldn’t stand strong with what Governor Jim Douglas did in Vermont last night.

Last night, Vermont Governor Jim Douglas held a brief press conference and withstanding the opposition, openly declared his support for marriage and family, and vowed to veto same-sex “marriage” legislation in his state.  –NOM

As a red governor in a blue state, what governor Douglas did yesterday is reminiscent of the legend of the Little Dutch Boy—holding back calamity with his finger in the dyke.  One man!  The fight in Vermont is coming down to the vote of one man!

It may cost him politically, in fact, the opposition’s response to his statement has been fierce, but it was the right thing to do.  Thank You Governor Douglas!  How often have we wished for good politicians who will do the right thing even in the face of severe opposition?

The popular four term governor just recently won re-election and has been the hope of Vermont against the outside influences flooding the state in opposition to marriage.

What happens in Vermont and New Hampshire, happens to us too.  Every battle in this fight is crucial in setting the stage for what is to come nationally.

NOM, the National Organization for Marriage, and other grass roots organizations have gotten into the fray with both feet, declaring an action plan for the northeast states and putting money into educational ad campaigns in those targeted states.  This much needed help is welcome!  But the truth is, it’s going to take more than organizations, it’s going to take individual letters and calls, personal donations and efforts from the regular people in order to combat this groundswell that is threatening to over run our eastern states.

There is a leak in our defenses!  As we know,  a small trickle of water soon becomes a stream and the stream a torrent and the torrent a flood sweeping all before it.  It’s time for all of us to step up to the plate and do what we can to stand against the tide.

My ultimate respect and regard goes out to Governor Douglas.  He is a hero, one man against the tide.

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What can you do?  These links are from NOM:

1. Click here to send a quick note of thanks to give Governor Douglas encouragement!

2. Send a quick message to the Vermont House urging them to oppose same-sex marriage.

3. Please join us in contacting the NH Senate today.

Opposition Gearing Up for Battle

by Jef Poskanzer

by Jef Poskanzer

Instead of feeling defeated, gay rights activists in Hawaii say they are energized by a high-profile vote ending same-sex marriage in California.

Advocates energized despite political loss

A new group formed in Hawaii after the passage of Proposition 8 in California says it is focused on passing bills this year allowing civil unions and same-sex marriage here.

“We need to turn the momentum now,” said California activist Cleve Jones, who is here to train Hawaii supporters of gay marriage.

Jones was brought to Hawaii by Local 5, UNITE HERE’s state affiliate, to conduct leadership training for local activists.

Jones said Hawaii activists must work with unions to form grass-roots coalitions, and encourage online activism on social networking Web sites like Facebook.

“We need to turn the momentum now. It is against us,” Jones said. “We are not a subculture, we are a community. We are not a market, we are a movement.”


Just in case you were reaching for your snoozy pillow thinking the marriage emergency was over…think again.  The opposition is using this time to train, recruit volunteers and gear up for the next section of the campaign against marriage.

Have you heard of the new marriage fronts in Connecticut? Vermont?  New York?  New Hampshire? Maine? Activists for the opposition are working overtime to counter their losses in California, Florida and Arizona.

Grab your hat and your boots!  The people have spoken, now we have to defend that voice! Break free of your comfort zones for the sake of your freedom, your families and your children, there is no better reason for joining the ranks of the DNA than that.

Beetle Blogger is a proud member of the Digital Network Army. Go!  Write!  Blog!  Email!  Be educated and then educate others around you.  The fight isn’t over, it’s just beginning.  Come Join Us!

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