Brutalized and Censored by the Opposition

Love?  Tolerance?  Acceptance?

These words are the war cry and mantra of our opposition.  But who exactly is showing love and tolerance? There are many (not all) who are against Prop 8 who have forgotten to follow their own war cry, evidenced by several new incidents of hatred, vandalism, theft, and even violent intolerance against those supporting Proposition 8.

Example 1:  The Prop 8 Sign Guy Gets Smashed in the Face

A Proposition 8 supporter was violently attacked for distributing lawn signs this week.  The story came out in the Los Angeles Examiner yesterday, but was removed from the examiner’s website that afternoon.  Prop 8 people got a copy of it and put it on the website before it was erased.  If this had been a gay man who’d been attacked, we’d have seen it all over the national news.  Since it’s our guy, they squashed the story.  I searched their whole website, even the pictures were taken down from their archives.  You can see a copy of the story (without pictures) here:  Prop 8 Supporter Violently Attacked for Distributing Lawn Signs.  The LA Times is likewise silent on this story.  Not a peep from any major news outlet in California.  This is an outrageous example of the hate on the other side.  This man was attacked and brutalized for his beliefs, and this example doesn’t stand alone.

Example 2:  A Mother and her children verbally abused, Property Destroyed.

It is more than the woman who stopped her car at a busy intersection to curse at a woman and her children holding prop 8 signs at a demonstration.  She was so engrossed in her ranting tirade that she missed the green light and held up traffic for another few choice words.  It’s more than people giving us the one finger wave, that sort of stuff just shows bad character, but that’s not the extent of it.  The opposition in our area went to work last night in a big way. Signs were stolen, property vandalized, and supporter’s tires were slashed in my neighborhood by those against proposition 8.  This is a free country.  To our opposition I say, look around.  Tolerance is a two way street.  Fight ideas with ideas, not with violence.  To the good guys, Keep fighting! It’s a cause worth fighting for.

You can destroy our signs, we’ll just make more!  AND BIGGER ones too!

Families Working Together to Protect Families!

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