The Real Pot


This photograph was in my email this morning.  It’s titled “The real pot at the end of the rainbow?”

It just got me to thinking about Governor Lynch and his promises.

—Beetle Blogger

NOM Condemns the Passage of Same-Sex Marriage in New Hampshire –
Group Pledges to Make Gay Marriage Key Issue in 2010 State Election

(Concord, NH) – The National Organization for Marriage (NOM) today condemned the New Hampshire Legislature and Governor John Lynch for breaking their promises to voters by passing same-sex marriage legislation in the state. NOM pledged to make gay marriage a key issue in the 2010 elections in New Hampshire.

“Governor Lynch and a narrow majority of the Legislature today have ripped a significant hole in the fabric of New Hampshire society by passing same-sex marriage legislation,” said Brian Brown, executive director of NOM. “The institution of marriage has served our country well since its founding. The vote of the legislature sends New Hampshire into dangerous waters. It will not be long before young children are taught in New Hampshire schools that they can marry someone of the same sex if they wish – that gay marriage is just as good as marriage.”

New Hampshire does not allow voters to decide controversial issues via a referendum or initiative, so the action of the legislature and governor cannot be overturned directly by voters.

“Thirty states in the country have voted on the marriage issue, and all thirty have decided that marriage should be between a man and a woman,” Brown said. “It is unfortunate that New Hampshire voters are being denied the right to decide this question themselves. We have no doubt that if voters could decide, they would vote to overturn gay marriage and restore the historic definition of marriage.”

While no binding statewide referendum is possible in New Hampshire, voters can cast ballots on nonbinding local referenda. “We intend to put this issue on the ballot on municipal elections across the state of New Hampshire,” Brown promised. “We want people to be able to express their views directly, even if it is nonbinding. We also intend to make the gay marriage issue the key issue of the 2010 state elections in New Hampshire. Legislators must be held accountable for their votes. And if Governor Lynch decides to seek another term, you can be certain that he will have to answer to voters over why he broke his word on this issue, despite repeated promises over the years that he did not support gay marriage.”

“Overall, this is a sad day for families and a sorry performance by the elected leadership of New Hampshire,” Brown said.