More Legislative Corruption: New Hampshire Removes Senator From HB73 Committee for refusing to Support Gay Marriage Bill

traditional marriage

Replaced with a Senator who Voted by Phone

Today, the committee of conference on the gay marriage amendment, HB73, met to "negotiate".

Senator Roberge offered 2 reasonable amendments:

  • allowing for "freedom of religious conscience" for private individuals and businesses
  • allowing a non-binding referendum on this issue for the citizens to vote on.

No one on the committee would even second the Senator’s motions!

Instead, the conference committee offered MINOR changes to the amendment that failed in the House and voted 6-1 to accept the changes (Senator Roberge was the one dissenting vote).

Because a committee of conference vote needs to be UNANIMOUS in order for it to be brought before the House and Senate again, the Senate President Slyvia Larson then REMOVED Senator Roberge from the committee and REPLACED her with Senator Houde, who "dialed in" his vote FOR the report.

Senator Houde was not even present!

No matter where you live, call Senator Larson at 603- 225-6130 and respectfully tell her that NH citizens do not want gay marriage being rammed through by a circumvention of the process. Enough is enough!

Now HB73 goes back to the full house and senate for a vote stay tuned.


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