July 1— Rally For Water! Stop the Congress Created Dust Bowl


Take Action to Stop the Congress Created Dust Bowl

Have you seen the dead orchards down California’s Central Valley?  Have you heard the heartbreak?  Have you seen the signs?  Are you ready to do something about the government’s misuse of California’s water and the havoc it’s wreaking on the farmers and communities of this great state?

Find out more about the potential solution, the Two Gates Water Project.  Learn about the issue!  Have your voice heard.  This issue will affect you whether you’re a farmer, an environmentalist, or just a mom trying to get fresh fruit and vegetables into the family budget.

Come Join Us!  See this from GotWater.org

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Rally for Water

At Fresno City Hall

ON July 1, 2009 the California Latino Water Coalition is planning a rally for water at Fresno City Hall.  Assembling at 11am on P Street between Fresno and Tulare Streets in downtown Fresno.

Where:  P Street between Fresno and Tulare streets in Downtown Fresno

With Delta pumping remaining curtailed because of the Delta smelt court rulings
and a new “biological opinion” under the Endangered Species Act promising
to make things even worse in the valley and state, it’s time to again raise
signs and voices. The California Latino Water Coalition invites you to join farm
workers, farmers, business people, family members, elected officials and other
fellow Californians for a Rally For Water July 1, 2009. With unemployment
and social and economic damage on the increase, this latest National
Marine Fisheries Service ESA protection plan for salmon, steelhead, green sturgeon
and killer whales will hit and harm Central Valley Project and State Water
Project users alike and may well extend the massive CVP water supply and
farm production cutbacks from the West Side to the East Side. All of California
is certain to suffer more!

Angela Vega — (559) 488-3541
Shawn Coburn — (559) 696-7777
Ryan Ferguson — (559) 469-6804
Mario Santoyo — (559) 799-0701

See Flyer Here

California Courts Feeding Farmers to the Fish!

Families or Fish? Farmers Fight Man-Made Drought!

Tiny minnows called Smelt that live in the river delta have been found caught in California’s water pumps.  Environmentalists sued.  The court’s solution?  Turn the pumps off!  At the cost of 80,000 jobs in the state, and local unemployment of close to 40% this man-made, court-imposed drought is an outrage. No wonder there are signs up and down the state decrying the congress created dust bowl! Watch the video, the footage is incredible.

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Thanks to commenter George T. for posting this article….I’m reposting here.

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The House Natural Resources Committee held a full committee hearing today on the “The California Drought: Actions by Federal and State agencies to address impacts on lands, fisheries and water users.” Witnesses, including several members of California’s Congressional delegation, testified that this is a man-made drought, resulting from Endangered Species Act regulations that have diverted much-needed water from California families on the farm to three-inch Delta Smelt fish in the bay. The man-made actions have been devastating to California’s San Joaquin Valley where it is estimated that this year alone up to 35,000 jobs will be lost and 300,000 acres of farm land won’t be used because water has been diverted.

Ranking Member Doc Hastings (WA-04) explained, “Communities dependent on irrigated agriculture are now approaching 40% unemployment as they watched over 83 billion gallons of water – which was water normally dedicated to the fields — go out to the ocean in the last month alone. It’s important to protect lands and endangered fish, but our government’s environmental policies shouldn’t make our communities endangered in the process.”

Republicans have offered numerous solutions to provide necessary relief to families, farmers and businesses in California’s San Joaquin Valley who are struggling to survive in the midst of a man-made drought. Solutions include passing legislation (specifically H.R. 996 and H.R. 856) to suspend the Endangered Species Act and the National Environmental Policy Act during times of drought emergency to ensure that the Delta pumps operate at historic capacity, encouraging the Administration to take steps to allow for water transfers and temporary barriers to keep smelt away from the pumps, and offering new water storage as a longer-term proposal to help the State in alternating times of drought and floods.

Congressman Devin Nunes (CA-21) warned, “This Congress has stood silent for nearly two years as San Joaquin Valley residents have been starved of water. Democrat leaders need to stop hiding behind the courts and bowing down to special interests. If they do not act within the next 30 days, it’s over. We will witness the collapse of modern civilization in the San Joaquin Valley.

Congressman Ken Calvert (CA-44) testified that there is no proof that diverting water to the ocean will actually benefit the Delta Smelt fish. “If this Committee is going to continue to give federal agencies the authority to take actions that kill jobs and harm our economy for the benefits of species, then the American people deserve clear and undeniable evidence that those actions are in fact benefiting the species.”

Congressman George Radanovich (CA-19) noted that “the draconian regulations that turn simple fish into the worshipful gods of the environmental community and ignore the inalienable rights of people have led us to conclude that Government does not work for us any more–we need the Government to protect the safety and happiness of people, not fish.”

Congressman Wally Herger (CA-02) stressed the need for “a sustainable, balanced and comprehensive solution to this water situation that will allow us to equitably meet the needs of all water users, human and otherwise. Continuing down the same path we have been on for decades is not acceptable.”

Additionally, 17 members of the California Congressional delegation today sent… letter to Committee Chairman Nick Rahall and Ranking Member Hastings, requesting field hearings on the California drought in order to get “the Committee to step outside the Washington beltway and hear firsthand accounts from citizens throughout California impacted by the drought.”